NaNo Day 8: Double Up Day

Today is a part of NaNoWriMo known as Double Up Day.

The goal of Double Up Day is to A) donate to the organization that runs National Novel Writing Month (as a means of doubling your commitment to competing or something like that; honestly, I’m not sure, but donating is definitely involved) and B) double your word count.

While I went into the day planning to donate, I did not go in with the plan that I would double my word count. After all, I was already 5K behind on my personalized schedule. And I had another 3K planned for today. And still, if I managed to do all that writing, I would not have doubled my word count.

Then, the first word sprint happened.

As part of the year-round Ch1Con activities we’ve started putting on, Kira and I co-hosted an hour-long word sprint on Twitter at 1:00 PM. I got 1,641 words in through that. Then almost right away afterward, some of the Ch1Con team and I were talking on Skype and decided to do just a “quick word war” between us to get some more words in.

Like yesterday, it’s nine hours later again. But this time I’ve got 9,381 shiny new words in my NaNo project to show for it.

Today was way too much fun, almost constantly doing word wars and sprints with my friends while curled up on my apartment’s couch in an over-sized t-shirt and yoga pants. Sunlight streaming through the window and wrists sore from typing.

It’s days like today that remind me why I love NaNoWriMo so much.

More than how much productivity the month inspires, it also brings the writing community together. It’s a month-long party.

Now I’m off to try to actually tackle my to do list for the day, then tomorrow is homework and hopefully a little more time for writing. Fingers crossed there’ll be a few word wars thrown in there.

Goal for today: 3,000 + yesterday’s 5,000 = 8,000.

Overall goal: 16,000.

Current word count: 18,524.


PS. Miss any of the big news from Ch1Con the past couple days? Find links to our announcement posts here and here.

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