NaNo Day 11: Make a Wish

Life caught up yesterday.

My mom called me about doctors appointments and legal things. I just couldn’t get a short story to work for creative writing, even after staying up until one working on it. (I gave up, got ready for bed, then sat at my desk for another two hours writing another short story that honestly wasn’t any better.) I ran out of time to do the reading for a quiz I have today.

So I’m now 2.5K behind where I want to be on NaNoWriMo. And I don’t have time to write today. And I’ve got another 3K planned for tomorrow. (In my defense, I’m not actually 2.5K behind. I’m right on target for where I want my word count to be today, but that’s because I’ve been writing more on some days than planned, rather than keeping to my schedule. And I’d rather save those spare words for later, when I have term papers and final projects to do.)

But it’s okay. I’ll get back on track. I can do it.

I’m not super superstitious; I love black cats and I am yet to run screaming from a broken mirror. But I definitely do have a thing for wishing.

On dandelion wisps and Point Zero in Paris and birthday candles.

And, of course, the easiest to find: 11:11.

It’s not that I believe that wishing on things actually makes them more likely to come true, but I do believe it makes them more definite goals. If you take the time to stop and blow dandelion seeds into the sky over something, I feel like it proves you really want it. A wish is a promise to yourself that you will do whatever it takes to make those words whispered in your mind, for only you and the universe to hear, come true.

So, today is November 11th. 11:11.

Whether you’re behind or ahead or right on target for NaNoWriMo, make a wish. Promise yourself anew that you can do this. Because you can.

We’ve got this thing.

Goal for today: 0 + yesterday’s 2,000 + Sunday’s 500 = 2,500.

Overall goal: 19,000.

Current word count: 19,046.