NaNo Day 15: Life

For the third day in a row, I haven’t written anything. And I’m not going to.

I’m not quitting NaNo by any means. BELIEVE ME, I AM NOT QUITTING. But I am taking a break. (At least until tomorrow.)

This is namely because I had a semi-emergency appointment with my dermatologist this morning that led to a semi-emergency surgery* which led to me now being on Vicodin with Frankenstein’s monster stitches down my arm. (I’m also not supposed to take stairs while I’m on the Vicodin or do anything with my right arm until the stitches are out, so this should be fun.)

Sometimes life gets in the way of things. And it’s time I admit it’s okay to take a step back; I’m not going to lose NaNo or fail my classes just because I take a weekend off to let myself recharge and, you know, physically heal from surgery.

So, looks like it’s another movie night. This one at home with lots of pretty white gauze on my arm and my dog curled up beside me. And I’ll try again tomorrow. (Who knows. Maybe the Vicodin will send me on some crazy drug-induced writing spree.)

Goal for today: 3,000 + yesterday’s leftover 5,000 + Thursday’s 1,000 + Wednesday’s leftover 1,500.

Overall goal: 31,000.

Current word count: 23,534.


*I’m fine, by the way. It was more of a semi-emergency because I’m not going to have a chance to make a trip home again for a while and they didn’t want to leave the mole in my arm for that long.

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