NaNo Day 18: Fall Layers with ModCloth

It’s well-known that I’m obsessed with Modcloth. Apparently so well-known, in fact, that one of the lovely ModStylists emailed me last week to see if I’d be interested in sharing my fall layering style using pieces from the awesomely quirky and adorable fashion site.

Um. Duh?

So, below is the outfit I came up with using pieces from ModCloth’s fall collection.

Fall Layers with ModCloth

My fall style is all about warmth and coziness, so I began my look with–you guessed it–layers. A tank top beneath a flowy blouse beneath a chunky cardigan.

I chose to go with warm colors that reminded me of falling leaves and bonfires, so the tank top is a deep red and the cardigan is goldenrod yellow. I offset these against the off-white of the flowy top, which has cutouts throughout it to show off the red tank top beneath. I’d wear it with the cardigan unbuttoned so as to avoid the contrast in necklines. (Notice how the red tank top and and off-white blouse, on the other hand, have coordinating necklines.) Wearing the cardigan unbuttoned also adds to the casualness of the look.

Of course, an outfit isn’t complete with just some cozy layers, so I paired these with dark wash skinny jeans that draw attention to their warm colors, a pair of brown lace-up ankle boots (still running with the fall colors), an army green wool jacket (playing into the utility jacket trend while adding warmth) (I don’t know about you, but the windshield here was -6 this morning), a multicolor infinity scarf that echoes and accentuates the colors already in the outfit, and, finally, an adorable grey cable knit beanie.

The long, flowy top half of the outfit combines with the tight jeans and heeled boots to give a lengthening, slimming effect that keeps you from turning into the dreaded cold weather marshmallow, while the jeans, jacket, and beanie are also important as neutral colors, because they draw focus to the layered tank top, blouse, and sweater as statement pieces. (I don’t know about you, but it’s impossible for me to be moody about the cold weather when I’m wearing such happy, warm colors.)

Altogether, my look is all about slouchy, cozy pieces you can throw on in minutes while still looking cute on the way to morning classes. Now all I need is a chai latte and a pile of leaves to jump in.

Check out the individual pieces below! And make sure to head to ModCloth’s site itself to see all their other fabulous offerings here. (Protip: You can find their cardigan collection, specifically, here! It’s one of my favorite things.)

Special thanks to Polyvore, the site I used to put together my style board. Super fun and easy to use!


NaNo Update: No writing technically planned for today, but I’m probably still going to be playing catch up in NaNoWriMo, because I NEED to stop being obnoxiously behind, with term papers and final projects coming up.

Goal for today: 0 + yesterday’s leftover 2,000 + Sunday’s 2,000 + Saturday’s 3,000 + Friday’s 200.

Overall goal: 35,000.

Current word count: 31,072