How to Procrastinate from Writing a Blog Post

Step 1: Have ideas for blog posts all week, but simultaneously not have time to write and forget said ideas the moment you do.

WIN_20141206_145357Step 2: Eat lots of junk food that makes your fingers all nasty so you can’t possibly type without punishing your laptop both cruelly and (not at all) unusually.

WIN_20141206_145514Step 3: Watch a Parks & Recreation marathon with your roommate. Then keep watching after she leaves to do productive things.

WIN_20141206_144301Step 4: Work on your latest term paper. (Haha jk eat more Cheetos.)

WIN_20141206_145536Step 5: Make weird faces until you’re really tired of until it no longer seems reasonable to keep making weird faces.

WIN_20141206_150320 WIN_20141206_150414 WIN_20141206_150431

Bonus points if someone walks in on you doing this.

Plot Twist: By sharing tips for how to procrastinate writing a blog post, write a blog post. (High five.)


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