Project for Awesome: World Bicycle Relief

It’s that time of year again: Project for Awesome 2014!

Project for Awesome is an annual fundraising event in which you donate to a general Indiegogo campaign, where lots of cool nerdy perks are available, then after a forty eight hour voting period during which various charities compete for votes, the winning charities receive the funds and everyone’s super happy.

The charity Hannah and I have chosen to support his year is World Bicycle Relief, which provides bicycles to those living in impoverished areas. This allows recipients to travel further faster, giving them better access to education, healthcare, food and water, and work opportunities.

You can vote for World Bicycle Relief to win some of the money from P4A at:…
Check out Project for Awesome at:
Donate to the P4A Indiegogo Campaign at:…
Watch the P4A live show (going for the full 48 hour voting period) at:
And check out World Bicycle Relief at:

Make sure to donate, vote, and share so we can decrease world suck and make life more awesome!


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