Wordy Wednesday: 2014

It’s the last day of 2014! My Twitter feed’s already been exploding with everyone in Australia crossing over. Craziness.

Sorry for not posting more this week. Between Christmas and family stuff and, like, eating a billion cookies, the blog fell through the cracks. If you celebrated Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and if not, I hope your Thursday was kickbutt.

Highlights of Christmas gifts: one of my aunts gave me one of those personal-sized blenders (I see many smoothies in my future) and my parents surprised me with money to see lots of shows in NYC this summer. (You know. If I get an internship.)

Book-wise I got I Am Malala, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, a couple Tolkien/LoTR-related books, and the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas.

Oh, also, my parents gave me a recording of Evensong at Magdalen (the college I stayed in at Oxford) because I never got the chance to attend an Evensong while I was there and WHY ARE PEOPLE SO AMAZING.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a very rambly poem.

I don’t know what to write
but what else is new.

2014’s been an interesting year,
which I think is about how you’d have
to describe any year
because years are really long.
Or actually, they’re really short,
but a lot happens during them.

Like I could talk about any individual
moment during this year
as a complete story
that could mean so much,
but there have been thousands
and thousands of moments
this year
and every year leading up
to it.

Like how do you quantify
what a year meant
when you accomplished
so many things and fell
so hard and dreamed so
big and hurt so much and
everything, everything, everything
happened in 2014.


And I am so thankful for
all of it.

A year is too short a time
with too many moments
compressed into it,
flowers pressed between book pages,
to make sense of
in a single moment.

A year is a blink
full of infinities
and 2015 is already
bursting at the seams,
tearing us forward,
and that one Gatsby quote,
and 2014 is over in
fewer than twelve hours,
and I am so much better
for having known it.


Thanks for reading, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: 2014

  1. I love the “bursting at the seams” bit. The beginning of each year truly does have so much potential. Also definitely feeling that “If I get an internship” struggle!


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