2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year’s! I’m writing this post from the last day of 2014, but scheduling it to go live the first day of 2015. Whoohoo.

2014 was an amazing year. A lot of bad stuff happened, but also a lot of good. And I’m both parts excited and terrified to see what happens in 2015.


How I Did with My 2014 Resolutions

1. Finish writing a novel. 2014 was an interesting year for writing. I didn’t finish a novel, but I did complete a really intense revision on one and won NaNoWriMo with another, and wrote a billion short stories and songs and poems. So technically, despite not finishing a novel, I did a lot of writing this year. Still, nothing stands out as, like, a Great Piece of Writing, which is disappointing, but happens sometimes. I’ve always had off years. Here’s to hoping the writing starts working again in 2015.

2. Be able to run a mile. I’ve had to face the realization the past couple months that I likely will never be able to run a mile without murdering myself. I’ve been working on getting into better shape (thirty situps every morning and night; forty five minutes or so on the treadmill every other day; hiking when I have time)–but as my legs have been getting stronger, my lungs seem to just get weaker and weaker. I can’t go up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I almost died from pneumonia when I was little and I have both allergy and exercise-induced asthma, so it looks like my lungs are telling me no and I should listen.

3. Read fifty books. Accomplished! I read fifty one books this year and am partway through like five more. Having a reading goal was a really big help in getting me to focus, since it’s so easy to get distracted by Netflix and stuff.

4. Stop watching as many television shows. Accomplished. I was down to actively watching only two shows this semester (Once Upon a Time and The Flash) and that really helped give me more time to do more important things. (Although I did spend a lot of time watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix too.)

5. Learn how to play the ukulele. Accomplished! I bought myself a uke over winter semester and although I’m really terrible, I can indeed play it.

6. If I don’t study abroad this summer, GET MY FREAKING DRIVER’S LICENSE. This is probably the resolution I’m most proud of because I DID BOTH THESE THINGS. I studied abroad at Oxford, one of my biggest dreams, aaand I got my driver’s license on Tuesday. (I’d been putting off taking the driving test for four years because I’ve always been too busy to take it–I still needed to get parking down–but my mom and I spent approximately a thousand hours this break teaching me how to park, and I passed on my first try! Watch out, world.)

7. Do something selfless each week. This is probably the resolution I’m most disappointed in myself over because I absolutely sucked at being selfless this year. I’ve spent a lot time this year thinking solely about myself and my wants, and that needs to change.

8. Make new friends. Accomplished! I’ve met so many amazing people this year, it’s incredible. And I’m so grateful for every one.

9. Sell stuff on ebay. Lol nope. Those boxes of old clothes are still sitting in my bedroom.

10. Do more outdoorsy activities. Accomplished. I was actually outdoors so much this summer I got a tan.

11. Clean my room. See #9.

12. Pass all my classes with at least a 3.0. Accomplished. I got lots of B-range grades this year, thanks to my inability to science, but thank God, the gen eds are finally done.


2015 Resolutions

1. Have at least one adventure a week. Whether it’s just going for an impromptu walk downtown or going on a road trip or trying something new, I want to get out and do stuff more. I have too much Netflix in my life.

2. Intern somewhere this summer (or get a regular summer job). My goal is to do a publishing internship this summer, but if that doesn’t work out for whatever reason, just working in general this summer is something I need to do.

3. Volunteer. Not sure what this will look like yet, but I haven’t done volunteer work, like working at a soup kitchen or nursing home or something, since high school. And I’m starting to miss it.

4. Pass all my classes with at least a 3.5. My GPA isn’t in a terrible place right now, but it is lower than I want. I also really want to four-point a semester this year, since I haven’t done that since I was a freshman and OHMYGOSH I am going to be a senior next fall semester.

5. Work out at least three times a week and keep doing my daily situps. My goal is a flat stomach. It turns out your metabolism slows down in college and THAT STOPS BEING A GIVEN. (Hi, Julia from July 5, 2020 here: it’s really unhealthy to base your self-worth on the flatness of your tummy and also having a flat stomach, as a cis woman… often isn’t healthy?? ALSO, you shouldn’t work out to get sKiNnY, you should work out to get stronger and feel your best. Juuust saying. Anyway.)

6. Take better care of myself in general. I’m not very good at taking care of myself. I like challenges, so I subconsciously sabotage myself a lot by, like, putting myself directly in the line of fire for getting the flu or not sleeping enough before a test and stuff, and yeah, that needs to stop.

7. Make new friends. Really, this is a goal we all should have always.

8. Get better at running Chapter One Events, LLC. It turns out businesses are really hard, dude.

9. Clean my room. It finally sunk in this break that I’m (hopefully) going to be moving out of my parents’ house in a year and a half and ain’t nobody wanna deal with the amount of junk I’ve got strewn about when it comes time to do that.

10. Read fifty two books. One a week sounds perfect.

11. Travel a lot. At least for now, I’m done with sitting still for long periods of time. I want to go everywhere.

12. Let what happens happen. I’ve been increasingly stressed over some stuff the past couple years and, honestly, that’s not helping me in any way. 2015’s going to be the year of learning when to hold on and when to let go.


What are some of your resolutions for 2015?


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  2. Good resolutions! I’m hoping to build up my legs and lungs to endure a 10k walking race this year. Not sure the body’s willing, but it’s good to have that goal to work towards. And hopefully I’ll lose a few of those pesky pounds in the process.


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