Wordy Wednesday: Distractions for Waiting

I’m exhausted right now because I was up until 2:00 AM writing, but can I just say: So worth it.

I don’t know if the short story I wrote last night is any good. For all I know, my creative writing instructor will hate it and it’ll never make it past revisions with him. That happens sometimes.

But last night, something finally clicked with a story I’ve been trying to write for months now. I wrote for hours and lost track of time. And feeling that way about writing? It hasn’t happened in a really long time.

So, of course, I’d love my instructor to love it. I want this to be a story worth reading.

But when the writing feels that good, it doesn’t matter what happens after. I’m just happy I got to write it and feel that way while I did–

Kidding. Sooo kidding. I turned in that sucker to my instructor a few hours ago and I’m not going to hear what he thinks of it for another week, so I am now, of course, freaking out.

This week’s Wordy Wednesdsay is a writing process post. DISTRACTION METHODS EDITION.


Listen to music. So much music.

I’ve gone through the soundtrack from The Fault in Our Stars and my work out play list so far, and I think I’ve got a massive dose of Taylor Swift in my future.

Go shopping.

Friend is throwing a British-themed costume party for her birthday in a couple days? Why yes, I think I do need a thousand little things scattered across several stores and sketchy shopping sites for my Bond, Jules Bond costume.

(Okay, let’s not let this get out of hand. I spent like five seconds surfing the sketchy shopping sites, then went running to Amazon.)

Do homework.

Hahahahahahahaha jk. (The rubric for my first project for my film criticism class is staring at me. I refuse to give in.)

Go for a walk.

Unless it’s like ten degrees out, like here. In which case walking outside is a last resort reserved for those times you forgot something you needed in your apartment a mile away. Which totally didn’t happen today, not at all, never.

Work on something else.

Okay, this one is serious. The best way I’ve found to distract myself from something I’m waiting to hear back on has always been to keep moving forward.

Write another story. Revise an old one. Submit something to a literary magazine.

The biggest thing is to keep moving.


Are you waiting to hear back on something right now? How are you keeping yourself from going crazy?

Thanks for reading!


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