Story Time: Lessons from Chipotle

I tried Chipotle today.

I know, I know. As a college student, I’m supposed to eat so much Chipotle I’m more burrito than water. But I had it once a billion years ago–towards the beginning of high school, when I’d first become a vegetarian and was still way too picky about, well, everything–and I thought it was absolutely disgusting. So I’ve been avoiding it ever since.

Then, today, on my way back from running some errands in downtown, heading to a film class screening, I started to go past Chipotle and found myself opening the door and stepping inside and getting in line. Completely on a whim.

I got flour soft shell veggie tacos with brown rice and lettuce and cheese, with a side of guac and chips. And you know what? While the guac and chips were average at best, the tacos were excellent. Like I basically inhaled them because they were so good.

And I’ve been depriving myself of these excellent tacos for like seven years now simply because I didn’t like Chipotle at a time when my tastes were super different.

Besides getting to gloat that I ate really excellent tacos today, this post does have a point: Things are worth trying twice. Or three times. Or fifty.

I went through a period when I couldn’t stand fantasy books, and now I love them. I’ve hated an author’s debut, then gone on to love their sophomore novel. And I’ve certainly tried to write a story over and over again to no avail, only to have it suddenly start working a year later.

Tastes change. Circumstances change. And as we grow, it’s worth it to go back and try things again.

You never know when you’re going to go to a restaurant you used to hate and end up with tacos from Heaven*.



*Let’s be honest. The point of this post really was just to gloat about the tacos.

10 thoughts on “Story Time: Lessons from Chipotle

  1. Definitely a good philosophy in life to always keep your mind open and try things again. Our opinions and tastes and abilities are constantly changing all throughout life. That goes for foods, activities, work, etc.

    I just watched an interesting show about Thomas Edison tonight and this reminded me of a comment they talked about: When Thomas Edison had tried a thousand times to invent a workable light bulb and all of them failed he didn’t look at it as a negative. Instead he said he had just discovered a thousand ways how not to make a light bulb and he just had to keep trying until he discovered the way that would work…. which of course he eventually did, and the rest is history!


  2. I am seriously obsessed with Chipotle. I always get the bowl with corn, grilled chicken, white rice, lettuce and black beans. I agree that it is so worth trying something again and again. That was a lot like my first novel attempts. I went through many false starts for two years before I finally finished a novel. And once I finally finished a complete novel, I was hooked.


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