Wordy Wednesday: Quitting Writing

It’s now April 2nd, so I figured I should clarify, for any poor future reader to stumble across this post: April Fool’s!

I never thought this day would come.

This might come as a shock to you and I apologize, but here’s the thing: I realized recently that I really don’t like writing. Or books. Or, like, stories themselves. At all. Maybe I liked these things once upon a time, but for years now I’ve been writing more out of obligation than actual desire. And since I’m a junior in college and I’m supposed to go out and get a big kid job after I graduate next year, I realized this is really my last chance to switch career fields. And I refuse to be stuck in an industry I hate.

So I’m quitting writing. And going after my one true passion: business.

That’s right. I’m joining the Ross School of Business.

In a way, you can blame writing for this. If it weren’t for writing, I never would have started my own company and realized how much fun contracts and taxes and licenses can be. And I mean, who would ever want to sit around all day reading a book when you could look up facts about sales tax licenses (two of my favorite things combined!) instead?

I’m so excited to explore this new life path and get started with my business classes this summer. Thank you for supporting me in my writing endeavors all this time and, again, I’m sorry. (I think it goes without saying–but I’ll mention it anyway, just in case–that because this blog is called Julia the WRITER Girl, it wouldn’t make sense for me to continue posting here. You can follow me at my new blog at www.juliathebusinessgirl.wordpress.com, although no promises that I’ll keep it up much.)

Signing off, one last time.


PS. This video is coolio.

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  1. Haha, I loved this. You nearly had me when I saw that you actually created a blog for it.


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