Scheduling Is Hard

I schedule for fall semester of senior year on Monday.

Besides the fact that that’s absolutely crazy (HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE A SENIOR ALREADY?), it’s also, well, crazy. Because there are approximately a thousand more classes I want to take than I ever would be able to.

Probably the worst part of this whole scheduling thing is that it keeps reminding me how I’m not sure what to do for the next couple years of my life. For one thing, there are enough film classes I want to take that I might as well add a film major. But do I want to work in the film industry, and would it really be smart to spend the the time and money necessary to get a film major (at least one extra semester of classes) if I’m not planning on it?

Then there’s grad school. I’m looking at getting a masters in a few different things. Creative writing, or literature, or film studies/criticism. But do I really want a masters? Do I really want a masters in one of those things? What kind of masters program would I want to complete? I DO NOT KNOW.

Then there’s also the possibility of trying to get a job straight out of college, and what job would I even go for? I know that I more than likely want to work in publishing (I mean, that’s been the plan for years now and I do adore the publishing industry), but at this point I’m not positive what I want to do in publishing. Work for a publishing house or literary agency? Work in editing or marketing or something else? Move to New York or try my luck elsewhere? (Once again I say: SOMEONE GIVE ME AN INTERNSHIP. I need help figuring these things out.)

And the decision of which classes to take senior year is going to influence what I can do after college. And that’s terrifying.

All of this is terrifying.

I know whatever path I take from here isn’t the only one I’m ever allowed to take. If I’m lucky enough to live until I’m all old and grey, life will be a long haul. I can do many things if I want. But still. I’m scared for the next few years.

Anyway, all this to say: Scheduling is hard, and I know a lot of my friends are just as freaked out about what to do after college as I am, and fingers crossed that everything works out for us and everyone else in similar positions.

Are you dealing with any scary existential crises too? Want to commiserate together?


6 thoughts on “Scheduling Is Hard

  1. Julia!!!

    Agh it’s been too long. Thanks for still following me and stopping by my blog. I don’t know what’s worse–the fact that I disappeared, or admitting that I’ve actually be silently lurking and reading all your posts?!?!

    So so so happy for all your accomplishments in the past year (driving! I still need to get my license…. 🙂 Huffpost?! That’s AMAZING. Not to mention all the writerly awards you’ve been raking up. And ch1con has come so far from the looks of it). I hope your own novel writing and editing is going well–I’m still waiting for a very special post that you very much deserve.

    I totally feel you. Scheduling in college sucks. For us, the worst part is the day when you get your schedule and then the registration website crashes because everyone is trying to add the classes that they didn’t get into. Luckily, I haven’t been that kid who gets zero of her requested classes, but it will happen someday…

    BTW, I still owe you $$ I’m assuming that you’ve moved locations since last year when you gave me your address, so would you mind emailing me the new one?

    You were seriously my first writer friend, and I’m so, so grateful I finally got the guts to be back to commenting on this blog ❤ ❤


    • JOAN. ❤ I'm so happy you commented! And thanks. 🙂 I'm waiting for a well-deserved special post from you too!

      The registration site crashing sounds like a horror plot, oh my gosh. Don't worry about the money! I'm just glad you're back. 🙂


  2. Yep, in my junior year of high school and freaking out. I have an idea of what I want to do, but we’ll see what happens…God’s got this 😉 Good luck, and try to keep stress levels down! It’ll all work out.


  3. Gosh, scheduling for college sounds so much scarier than scheduling for high school because after college you’re in the real world and you have to get a job and other scary stuff like that. *shivers* I’m only a freshman in high school, but college still seems to consume my every thought. It makes school and grades a lot more stressful, and I don’t even want to start thinking about internships and getting a job after college. I will always be here for fellow commiserating.


    • I dream of the days of scheduling for high school. Fewer options meant fewer and easier decisions to make, and not getting to take a class wasn’t the end of the world because I knew I could just take it in college instead, and gahhh. (In essence: Enjoy high school. Like, make sure to get good grades, but enjoy high school.) (Also do your best not to worry about college until junior year. Because you are going to need to freak out about it then, but in the meantime, it’s unnecessary stress and you really should enjoy these last couple years before everything becomes super stressful.)


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