Welcome to New York

Hey! Sorry for the silent blog all week. Things got a little crazy my last few days in Michigan.


My mom and I flew here Sunday afternoon, I moved into my apartment yesterday, and I start work tomorrow. Everything is busy and big and just slightly different from what I’m used to (like the grocery store doesn’t have my favorite kind of cheese, but it has five thousand others I’ve never heard of? I don’t understand?).

Since we’ve had a couple free days before I start adulting, we’ve been touristing it to the max. Sunday night we hung out in Times Square, ate at John’s Pizza (because always), and saw Inside Out at the massive AMC over that way. (Btw: It made me cry. So bittersweet and funny and wonderful.)  Monday we mostly spent moving me in, but in the evening we took the bus to Manhattan, walked around a bit, and ate dinner in Rockefeller Plaza. (The statue was lit up rainbow! Whoohoooo.)   

Today we took the subway way out to Coney Island. We walked along the beach, splashed in the waves, rode lots of rides, and ate so much unhealthy food I don’t know if we’ll ever recover.   


 All in all it’s been a really great few days. Fingers crossed my first day at the office goes well!


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