Wordy Wednesday: Want

I’m writing this blog post Tuesday night, because I have a midterm tomorrow morning and a paper due in the afternoon and, like, procrastination whoohoo.

This weekend was fall break! A couple friends and I decided to staycation this year, so we went to the big U of M/MSU football game Saturday (which was exciting but also, you know, horrifying), hit a cider mill Sunday, went hiking and had a bonfire Monday night, and today (Tuesday) saw Crimson Peak. (I don’t do horror movies, but Guillermo del Toro is king and this one honestly isn’t that scary, so yeah.)

Like look how freaking pretty Ann Arbor is, though.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is poem. And because I have the paper I’m supposed to be writing about The Great Gatsby on my mind, here’s a piece inspired by it. (That I definitely didn’t write this afternoon while neglecting said paper.) (And I’m definitely not mining for part of my conclusion nooope.)


Life is a story of want;
desperate, contagious
inescapable, insurmountable

Want that feels like need

Want that crushes your heart
in its fist

Want that makes you bleed—
that makes you want to bleed yourself dry
just to satiate it

Want that you will never
be able to

It’s the kind of want that,
despite knowing what it is,
what it means—
you would never let it go
even if you could

It hurts like everything
you’ve ever wanted to feel
at once,
on your chest

Push on,
I’ll push on,
just a little further

Take everything
but give me that
in exchange


Thanks for reading!



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