NaNo Day 1: And So It Begins


Goodness, can you believe it’s already November 1st? As much as I love this month, it’s crazy how fast the year goes.

I’m absolutely terrified for how I’m going to handle everything this November. Senior year is kicking my butt at the moment, and add writing fifty thousand words and blogging every day on top of that? This is going to be interesting. (But also, like, what else is new, amiright? #College)

My NaNo this year is currently The Novel that Refuses to Be Named, also known as Time Travel Heist Story. I’ve been working on it since July-ish, but I realized a couple weeks ago that I need to start at a different place in the plot–so despite my best efforts to be productive with writing the past few months, I, once again, am beginning NaNoWriMo at Chapter One. (Yay accidentally playing by the rules?)

What this does mean is that I have a vague idea of what I want my characters and plot to look like, which goes against every instinct in my little pantser heart, but also means writing should HOPEFULLY be a little easier (and less time-consuming) this time ’round. Which also means hopefully I won’t die between now and November 30th.

Description from my NaNo profile:

Fifteen-year-old Regina is a sophomore at the prestigious Zeteo Academy, acclaimed for sending graduates everywhere from the White House to the moon. Zeteo breeds loyalty, bravery, and the ability to keep a secret–but the biggest secret is the boarding school’s unorthodox education itself, involving a dangerous, seemingly endless scavenger hunt. Called simply “the Game,” the scavenger hunt sends students around the world to gather clues leading to a prize so old even the rumors surrounding it have died.

When the rules of the Game change for the first time since its founding over a century ago–and, in the process, Regina becomes the first Zeteo student ever to come face to face with a game-runner–she decides it’s time the students of the Zeteo Academy finally figured out the truth about the Game that rules their lives.

Oh, and P.S. there’s time travel.

So yeah. This is going to be a veeery rough first draft (how does one even write time travel?), but I’m also in love with the plot and the world, so I can’t wait to dig in.

Are you competing in NaNoWriMo this year? If so, what are you writing about? (Also: wanna be buddies?)

Goal for Today: 5,000

Current Word Count: 271

Whoohoo! Let’s do this thang.


Oh, and P.S. Happy Day After Halloween from Hermione and Harry!

A Very Potter Halloween

5 thoughts on “NaNo Day 1: And So It Begins

  1. I just sent you a buddy request. Your book really does sound awesome! This is my second NaNo, and this year I’m doing a fantasy/adventure/romance with elements of steam punk. It might turn out terrible, but it’s going to be so much fun to write!


  2. I love your concept!!! As a student at UM, I’m amazed at the fact that you’re trying NaNo, though – and that you’ve already won it while at school. (HOW. My work load from my classes alone is killing me…)


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