NaNo Day 2: Let’s Try This Again

It’s Day 2 and I’m already behind! Hurrayyy.

My goal for yesterday was five thousand words. I was making decent headway on that until I realized that I’d started the story at the wrong place (again), so I had to start over (again), so I ended up back at zero words (again). So instead of five thousand words, I only got about two thousand in. (And then went out to dinner and watched a movie with my roommates because, like, my brain was fried at that point and I needed the break.) (Sorry, NaNo.)

This isn’t how I like to start NaNoWriMo. Normally I get enough writing done in the first day to really establish the characters and where the story’s going. Still, though, I’m finally happy with how the story is going now, and the characters are finally coming to life after months of struggling to find them, so maybe this MS will finally stop fighting me so much.

I’m in classes and meetings for most of today, but the last one I was supposed to go to tonight has been postponed, so at the least, that should give me a few hours to write. Here’s hoping I catch up?

How’d your first day of NaNo go? Anyone else have to restart their story partway through to make it work?

Goal for Today: 1,000

Overall Goal: 6,000.

Current Word Count: 2,053

5 thoughts on “NaNo Day 2: Let’s Try This Again

  1. NaNo is not about perfection… I’ll make minor changes if I feel something’s not flowing right, but deleting big hunks of text? Heck no. Mark it for demolition and delete it on December 1st if you like, but I figure if you wrote it in November, it still counts (even if you hate it!)


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