NaNo Day 7: Game Time

This is going to be a short one, because I have All the Words to write today and not much time. (Which isn’t really a good excuse, because the things I’m doing instead of writing all afternoon/evening are tailgating and a football game. But yeah.)

I ended up only getting about 1k in last night, because once again it was one AM and my sleep schedule is getting too wonky to handle. But I didn’t have any writing scheduled for today, because of the game, and I’ve been writing since I woke up this morning anyway. So I’ve now gotten another 1k in so far today, which means I’m now only 3,000 words behind my goal. Also: just reached 10,000 words!! Whoohoooo.

While I’m away pretending to understand sportsball for the rest of the day, the Ch1Con team will be hosting our first writing sprint and virtual write-in of the season! They’re from 1-2 PM and 7-10 PM eastern, respectively. You can find more information on them here and follow our Twitter (@Ch1Con) for updates (including a link to the virtual write-in’s chat room when it goes live). I’m sad to miss these today, but the rest of the team is going to rock them. I hope you get to go!

Oh, and it’s NaNoWriMo’s annual Double Up Day, in which they challenge participants to double up their word counts. They also do this super cool thing where they give you twice the goodies if you donate today. If you’ve got the resources, you should do it.

Here’s a puppy playing with a (different kind of) football to make up for my absence:

Goal for Today: 0 + 2,000 (from Friday) + 2,000 (from Sunday)

Overall Goal: 13,000

Current Word Count: 10,050


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