NaNo Day 30: End of an Era

It’s the last day of November 2015, and with it the end of competing in National Novel Writing Month as a college student.

I wrote a lot of bad partial-novels over the course of these four Novembers. (And spent a lot of time eating too many nachos with my hair in a bun.) But I’m also so, so proud of all of these words, and making it to 50,000 every year, and the fact that I took a leap of faith in doing NaNoWriMo freshman year, when everyone was telling me it was a bad idea. (Because college.)

I’m not going to disagree, honestly. I haven’t seen most of my friends since October, and when I have seen people this month, I’ve generally been stressed and distant and not at all the friend they deserve. I’ve had a headache for like three days straight now and I’m so out of shape I feel like a slug.

But also, I have collectively written 204,194 words for NaNoWriMo since college began. And although most of them are completely terrible, that first NaNo freshman year led me to the novel I’ve spent the rest of college revising. And this year’s NaNo has led me to a world I love so much, I can’t wait to finish this crappy first draft so I can go back and rewrite it into something slightly less crappy.

November’s my favorite month of the year. Because writing is breathing, and NaNoWriMo is like spending the month high on oxygen.

This has been a really weird November, between our mood swing weather and my work load and the fact that it’s my last year of college. But I’m also so grateful for it. (And for you. For supporting me and reading these daily blog posts all month, even when they suck, and just always being there to listen to me rant or ramble or be tired or excited or whatever else.)

Thank you for coming on this journey with me, whether you’ve been competing in NaNo this year as well or just reading the blog. And whether you made it to 50,000 words this month or not, remember that you are a champion just for trying. (Seriously. You are incredible. You are a writing warrior.)

I don’t know where I’m going to be this time next year. And that’s scary. But at the least, I know I’ll have NaNoWriMo waiting for me next November. (And maybe even daily blogging too?)

Thank you for everything. It’s been a fun ride.

I’ll talk to you Wednesday.


Goal for Today: 0
Overall Goal: 50,000
Current Word Count: 50,423


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  1. Truly incredible writing!! I would also say that you are making an invaluable contribution to the next generation of writers, which is both very neat and extraordinary!!

    Kind Regards


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