Wordy Wednesday: Last First Day

It’s my last first day of school! Or at least the last first day of my undergraduate career.

I already had my first class this morning, and it was a fun one. Fingers crossed the rest of the classes I’ve registered for turn out to be awesome as well? (Or maybe don’t, since I probably should drop at least one of these literature classes. Because I am going to die if I keep all of them, I’m pretty sure.)

The end of my break was nice. I finally got over the food poisoning on Sunday (so I can eat dairy again!). I hung out with a bunch of friends and family. Aaand I turned in my applications for all the publishing institutes and got a bunch of work done relating to a couple other projects.

Next up: Get more work done on those projects. Get a very fun Ch1Con announcement up today. (I meant to do it yesterday, but it was that or un-bury my bed from under all my luggage last night, oops.) Go to a couple more classes. And maybe actually get a chance to write? (Wonder of wonders, I know.)

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a poem. (But also: New semester, new WWs? I haven’t gotten to do a writing process post in a million years! Maybe vote for that one of these weeks so we can get a little more variety on the blog?)


Let’s talk about first days
and last days
and how sometimes they are
the same thing

Let’s talk about how hellos
become goodbyes
become hellos
and how I feel like I’m spiraling and
falling towards nothing and
drifting in space;
like there’s nothing to
hold onto
but also no place
to land

Let’s talk about how some things
are both happy
and sad
and wonderful
and awful
and how I am so full of
everything and
that I could

Let’s talk about how I could
suck myself into nothingness

Let’s talk about how I could
explode in a burst of

Let’s talk about being
twenty-one and
scared and
excited and
boiling over with

Let’s talk about anticipation
that is about to

Let’s talk

Thanks for reading! If it’s also your last first day of school (or first or last of anything), best of luck! Let’s rock this thing.


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