Wordy Wednesday: Summer in New York

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been spending a little time every day “adventuring” since I arrived in New York City. Most of this has been around Manhattan, but over the weekend I also visited Ocean City, NJ and Sarah Lawrence College with a couple friends, both of which were wonderful and a nice break from the constant chaos I’ve grown used to.

It’s funny getting some distance from New York after being here for almost a solid month, because you really do stop noticing how busy and loud it is after a while. And then the moment you get back after time away, even if it’s just one day? SENSORY. OVERLOAD. I made the mistake of going through Times Square a few hours after getting home from Sarah Lawrence, and my head almost exploded.

Weirdly, it’s worth it though. For all of its annoying parts (how long it takes to get anywhere, the way Queens occasionally smells like a horse farm, tourists being, well, tourists), New York is an amazing place to live. There’s always something to do, you can’t turn the corner without running into a food truck, and the entire city is just so full of energy.

I wrote a kind of very rambly/gushy poem about it this afternoon, while hanging out in Madison Square Park. I figured I’d share it for this week’s Wordy Wednesday.

I am sitting
in my favorite place
in all of Manhattan
(Isn’t it crazy,
having a favorite place?)
and it’s on the
far right side
of the second bench from the left,
overlooking the Empire State Building
in Madison Square Park
with the tree
and the fountain, and
the scent of Shake Shack grease
and lobster rolls.

It is 94 degrees outside,
so sunny it burns away the clouds,
the last wisps punctured against
the points of the skyscrapers,
and I am hot, with skin so much browner
than any other summer
(although I’m still unreasonably pale,
because the city is this weird
inside out space where
everything happens outdoors,

And it’s stupid
to sit here, just
sit here
when I could be doing a thousand things
anywhere else on this island,
but all I want in this moment
is the thrum of the people walking by
and the taxis on the street
and the knowledge that
I am here
I am here
I made it
I am here.

I dreamed this moment
so many times
I have to close my eyes
to believe it’s real.


Thanks for reading!