Wordy Wednesday: Bell Tower Stairs

Hey there! How’s your week going?

Midterms are starting up at U of M, which means campus has basically turned into the set of a zombie B-movie. On the upside, I got to escape the madness for a few days by spending the weekend scouting venues for Ch1Con in Chicago with some awesome people.

Other than that, I’ve spent the past week just doing my best not to drown under homework. Oh, and my family saw The Martian Sunday night! I liked the book better, but it’s a solid movie. Definitely go see it, if you haven’t already.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a poem.


Climbing the stairs
to the eighth floor of the
university bell tower for
choir rehearsal
seemed like a good idea
on the first floor

But one floor up and
the air was gone and
three floors up and
the blood was rushing too fast
and five floors up and
our legs burned with acid and
seven floors up and our legs were numb

And the stairs spiraled on and on,
an endless loop of labored breathing,
gripping the banister too tight,
afraid of both looking up and
looking down

But eight floors up and
there was a door
and chairs,
and laughter from the group:
“We made it!”
And more than anything else
there was a window,
just a little thing high on the wall,
overlooking the sweeping, endless
green and orange quilt of trees that
gave this city its name

And look what we did,
look what we did;
together we climbed a mountain


Thanks for reading!


Wordy Wednesday: A Perfect Day

So, yesterday was the first sunny day in a couple of weeks and I ended up spending from around four PM until a little after midnight outside, between hanging out at Ann Arbor’s SummerFest and exploring in the Arb. It was a really, truly lovely day and I took a billion pictures and today I wrote this poem about it. (Completely coincidentally just in time for this week’s Wordy Wednesday! Completely coincidentally.)


Yesterday I found myself
in a place different from anywhere
I’d ever been 

I mean I’d walked those streets
a thousand times, but I’d never
seen them in that light 

And I’m so grateful for the
little things that remind me
I’m alive 

And I’m so grateful for the
little things that bring me back
to life 

And it’s like:
I was walking down this path
in the forest and the sun was off
in the distance
beyond the treetops 

The only sounds were the birds
and the crickets, and somewhere
the wind was blowing,
but there it was safe and warm 

And I found home,
out away from home.
And it’s amazing how that happens 

I found home,
out away from home.
And it’s amazing how that happens.


Thanks for reading!