News and Stuff!

Okay, so this post is going to be a little bit of a garbled mess, because there are like a billion things that I need to tell you. Bear with me.

First off: A new teen book blog chain is starting!

The chain’s founder, Kate Gold, emailed me about it a while back and it sounds really cool. She’s going to have an info meeting on what exactly the chain will be and how to get involved on May 17th at 2:30 PM eastern. You can find more details here.

Second: We are currently 101 days away from Ch1Con 2015!

Aaand we might do some fun stuff to count down those last one hundred days. Stay tuned. (Also, want more info on the conference and/or to register to attend? Check out our website:

Still on Ch1Con for a moment: Our 2015 blog tour is in full swing!

You can check out the schedule here. We’re sharing lots of giveaways and awesome behind-the-scenes info, so make sure to peruse the posts that have already gone up as well as our remaining tour stops.

Next: I finally know what I’m going to do this summer!

So I finished winter semester on Thursday, which means it’s technically been summer vacation for me for almost a week now. (Additionally, I’ve been technically a senior in college for almost a week now. Which is, you know, the weirdest thing ever.) Despite this, I’ve had absolutely no idea what I was doing or where I was living for the next four months, so it’s felt less like summer and more like a twenty-four/seven panic attack.

HOWEVER, as of this afternoon I have plans for my summer. So, drum roll please.

I’m going to be interning at a literary agency in New York City!!!

I am so, so excited for this opportunity. I’ll be spending May and June at U of M, taking a screenwriting class during spring term and interning remotely for the agency. Then at the beginning of July, I move out to NYC to intern in person for two months!

I AM MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY. (Yes, it’s only for two months. But I’ve never had more than a few days at a time there before, and New York is one of my favorite places on the planet, and I am SO EXCITED to call it home for a little while.)

And one last thing (although really the internship was my biggest news): I’m in the midst of a crazy period of interviews and guests posts going up on other sites, sooo in case you’re interested in keeping up with everything at all, below is a schedule of my content going up elsewhere from April through the end of May! (Sorry a few of these already were published a while ago.)

Wednesday, April 15: Interview as part of the Ch1Con blog tour on Ariel Kalati’s blog.

Saturday, April 18: Interview on my writer friend Brett Michael Orr’s blog.

Monday, April 27: Critique giveaway as part of the Ch1Con blog tour on Teens Can Write, Too!

Monday, May 4: Guest post as part of the Ch1Con blog tour on Pub(lishing) Crawl.

Wednesday, May 13: Guest post as part of the Ch1Con blog tour on Newbie Writers.

Saturday, May 16(ish): Post on Teens Can Write, Too!

Tuesday, May 19: Interview and critique giveaway as part of the Ch1Con blog tour on Yvonne Ventresca’s blog.

Thursday, May 21: Interview as part of the Ch1Con blog tour on Allison the Writer.

Saturday, May 30: Interview on my writer friend Adriana Gabrielle’s blog.

Aaand somewhere in the middle of all of this, I’ll hopefully have my first post go up on The Huffington Post as well!

So, lots of stuff going on, and I am now thoroughly amped for this summer.

Talk to you tomorrow for your regularly scheduled Wordy Wednesday!


Posting Every Day in November!

It’s October 28th, which means it’s almost that time of year again.

That’s right.


And after all the fun posting every day of November was last year, I’m doing it again! (Don’t you groan at me.)

Lots of other exciting things will also be happening during November this year, so stay tuned for those announcements too. (Some possibly coming next week?) (Not that you heard it from me.) (Shhhh, WHO TOLD YOU THAT.)

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, I want to be your buddy so we can complain together cheer each other on! My profile:

Also, you should watch our November Ch1Con Chat discussing NaNo! Info here.

And yeah. Talk to you tomorrow for this week’s Wordy Wednesday, then November (and posting every day) begins Saturday!