This Is What TIRED Looks Like

So, a basic overview of what my day looked like yesterday:

  1. Get up at 5:30 to start getting ready for school.
  2. Get to school by 6:45 in order to participate in a flash mob to advertise the spring musical.
  3. 7:10 AM: The flash mob is a complete failure due to the hallway we were doing it in being too loud for us to hear the music we were supposed to be dancing too (so we basically looked like a bunch of off-beat flailing chickens instead of actors doing choreography).
  4. Go to classes. Take impromptu physics test in first hour. Get a really good score on a practice quiz for the AP lit test next week in fourth hour (12 our of 15! Whoohoo!!!). Talk about showering and hand washing methods at lunch (believe it or not, this is one of my table’s more normal conversations) while eating a Popsicle won for third hour class’s participation in the spirit days all week. Sit and do nothing during fifth hour independent study.
  5. Skip sixth and seventh hour to get into costume and practice for the assembly at the end of the day. Perform excerpts from the spring musical at assembly. Have assembly turn into a massive sob-fest when we seniors all realize that this is our last assembly of high school ever. Go take senior class photo while still half in costume while everybody around me’s crying their eyes out (not the administration’s best idea).
  6. Go get out of costume. Go to after-school spring festival and do inflatable obstacle course, get yearbook, fail at a cupcake walk, etc. Leave from festival early to get food from Arby’s because, even after four years of complaining, they are yet to supply vegetarian options at the spring festival.
  7. Come back to school. Get in costume again. Perform spring musical.
  8. Host the theatre company after-party and spend half the night making sure that nobody feeds Sammy, seeing as she is on a diet and allergic to almost as many things as I am, and the other half watching people play Just Dance.
  9. 12:30 AM: Finally escort the last of the company members — a bunch of underclassmen who I either don’t know, or else don’t know well enough to kick out — out of house.
  10. Help clean up from party and talk with Mom while she comes down from her accidental caffeine high until 1:30 (she didn’t realize the pop she was drinking all night was caffeinated, so she was WIRED).
  11. Come upstairs and avoid going to sleep, seeing as it involves effort (washing stage makeup off, getting into pajamas, etc) until 2:30.
  12. Go to sleep.
  13. Wake up at 7:30, completely incapable of falling back asleep again, despite the fact that it was ONLY FIVE HOURS OF SLEEP AFTER EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY.
  14. Look like this while typing blog post:

I’m a lovely human being, you know.

Last week of school before finals, this week! AND PROM IS THIS FRIDAY!!! 😀 I’ll have to get a picture of my dress for you guys!