Let’s Talk

Hey there! So, as you may have noticed, there was no Wordy Wednesday yesterday. This is partially because I kept putting off and putting off putting one up (then honestly forgot about it until I woke up this morning, oops). Partially because, for a while now, I’ve been debating shutting down the weekly Wordy Wednesday feature. And I’d kind of maybe settled on doing that. Aaand yesterday’s Wordy Wednesday, if I had written it, was going to explain what this post is, now, explaining instead.

I’ve been writing a Wordy Wednesday every week since I started blogging in December, 2011. That makes for 235 Wordy Wednesdays over the past four and a half years, if my very crappy math came out right. That’s a lot of blog posts focused primarily on sharing pieces of writing and lessons I’m learning about writing/revising/publishing.

And while Wordy Wednesdays used to feel like an easy way to get content up on the blog, I ran out of the backlog of pieces I wanted to share a looong time ago (hence the weekly I-will-write-a-poem-in-five-minutes thing most of the WWs this past school year became). And I’ve kind of plateaued with the writing lesson thing, because I’m knee deep in just-trying-to-figure-out-how-to-make-things-work, myself, at the moment–I have been for a while and I will be for a while–so I don’t really have anything left, right now, on that topic to say.

I’ve noticed a steep decline in interest in reading the weekly Wordy Wednesdays over the past year or two. This is reasonable, because I’ve had a steep decline in interest in writing them. With WWs, blogging every week slowly morphed into a chore, rather than something I enjoyed. And it finally hit me: if the majority of you aren’t interested in reading WWs, and I’m not interested in writing them, WHY ARE WE STILL GOING THROUGH THIS WEEKLY RITUAL?

So: this week marks the end of the weekly Wordy Wednesday blog post on here.

In its place, I want to experiment on this blog. I want to have fun blogging again. I want to tell you about my adventures, and the new recipe I’m obsessed with, and the movies I can’t wait for. I want to finally find the time to recap graduation and BEA/BookCon and my road trip. I want to get back into How To posts and Fashion Fridays and everything else that used to make posting on here fun.

I’m still going to be posting every week. It just might not always be on Wednesdays and it’ll be back to being on the broader range of topics this blog used to cover, back when I had the time/energy to post more than once weekly. (Maybe with this change, I’ll actually get back to posting more than once a week again, sometimes? Fingers crossed.)

I’ve never written this blog with the hope of appealing to a wide audience. It’s always been a Little Bit of Everything–anything that crosses my mind to talk about–so I’m incredibly grateful to anyone who does read posts on here. And I feel like I’ve been letting you down with what this blog has become the past couple years.

I want to do better for you. I hope this is the first step towards that.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never see a Wordy Wednesday on here ever again. It just means they won’t be going up every week anymore.

Thank you to those who have been keeping up with the weekly WWs this entire time. You are my heroes. But I think this is a good change. I hope you do too.

I love you. Thank you for always sticking with me. Here’s to a better blog, moving forward.

I’ll talk to you soon. ❤