A Series of Minor Panics, Or: Owning A Business

Back in February, I created an LLC to run Ch1Con through. So many people own small businesses in the United States, I figured it couldn’t be too complicated to get everything started and running properly.

Register the business with the state? Check.

Open a business banking account? Check.

What else could I possibly need to do? (As you’ve probably guessed by now: a freaking ton.)

The past few months have been a whirlwind of forms I didn’t know I needed to fill out until it was almost too late and awkward back-and-forths with Very Official Business People, all much older than me and used to not spewing words like “freaking” in the middle of a sentence.

I have a CPA, a banker, and a lawyer. I have to keep track of a thousand and one numbers and licenses and forms.

Yesterday, my aunt dropped by and mentioned that I have to charge the conference attendees sales tax.

“Really? I asked. “I figured I could just pull it from the amount they’re already paying us.”

She shook her head and laughed. “That’s illegal. You have to get a license from the state to charge sales tax and you have to collect it directly from the customers. With their knowledge.”

Sure enough, a Google search after she’d left proved her right. Which then meant researching how sales tax even works, what to do about use tax, applying for the license, figuring out how to add it to our conference order forms, and not dying from a heart attack. All as quickly as possible.

Three and a half hours I’d meant to spend revising a novel? Gone.

Basically, while I’ve always respected small business owners, I am now in awe of how they handle everything. They are superheroes. And I am never taking my local bookshops and restaurants for granted again.



Register for Ch1Con 2014!

It’s here! It’s finally here!

FB Banner Chicago 2014

After a billion hours of behind-the-scenes work over the past year or so, registration for the 2014 Chapter One Young Writers Conference is finally open.

I founded Ch1Con a couple years ago with the help of some of my writing friends and my seriously wonderful madre. This is our first year opening the conference to the public, and I am SO EXCITED to share it with you. We’ve got some great sessions and workshops lined up, with more announcements to come leading to the conference.

The conference will take place Saturday, June 14th and Sunday, June 15th at the Courtyard Chicago Arlington Heights/South hotel by Marriott, just outside downtown Chicago.

Admission is $75.00 for Saturday (speakers and a panel) and $35.00 for Sunday (writing workshops). You can also order a Ch1Con t-shirt for $20.00.

It would mean the absolute world to me if you considered attending. This conference is my baby and I can’t wait for you to get to know it.

Learn more about Ch1Con through our…

Website: www.chapteroneconference.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ChapterOneConference
Twitter: @Ch1Con

And don’t forget to register here!