LINK Cover Reveal!

Hey there! I’m thrilled to participate in another cover reveal today.

This one is for Link by Summer Wier. This novel sounds incredible and the cover has made me nothing but even more excited to read it.

About the Author

Summer Wier Author PhotoSummer Wier grew up spending Saturdays with a maxed out library card and her nose in a book. But as much as she loved reading, and even writing, both took the back seat when it came to career choices. With her sights set on law school, corporate greatness, and even a hankering to become the first female president, she set off to conquer the world. As life would have it, though, she didn’t attend law school, nor did she become president (although, one day, your vote may be appreciated), finding her strengths, instead, in accounting and business management. After finishing her MBA, she revived her love for reading and began writing with dreams of finishing a book of her own. When Summer isn’t working, reading, or writing, she’s trying to keep up with two energetic girls and her husband, and dreaming of the mountains of Montana.
LINK is her debut young adult sci-fi novel, the first in THE SHADOW OF LIGHT trilogy.
Find more of Author Summer Wier on her website, twitter, facebook, or goodreads.

About the Book

For seventeen-year-old Kira, there’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than being surrounded by friends and huddled beside a campfire deep in the woods. And with a birthday in the peak of summer, that includes late night swims under the stars.

Or at least, it used to.

Kira’s relaxing contemplation of the universe is interrupted when a piece of it falls, colliding with her and starting a chain of events that could unexpectedly lead to the one thing in her life that’s missing—her father.

Tossed into a pieced-together world of carnivals and gypsies, an old-fashioned farmhouse, and the alluring presence of a boy from another planet, Kira discovers she’s been transported to the center of a black hole, and there’s more to the story than science can explain. She’s now linked by starlight to the world inside the darkness. And her star is dying.

If she doesn’t return home before the star’s light disappears and her link breaks, she’ll be trapped forever. But she’s not the only one ensnared, and with time running out, she’ll have to find a way to save a part of her past and a part of her future, or risk losing everything she loves.

Dreamy, fluid, and beautiful, LINK pairs the mystery of science fiction with the minor-key melody of a dark fantasy, creating a tale that is as human as it is out of this world.

… And now, get ready for the prettiest book cover you’ll see today!

link-final-frontIsn’t that such an awesome cover? I love the Ferris wheel and the atmosphere and just, gah, everything. (Is it chilly in here because I HAVE GOT SHIVERS.)

Make sure to check out Link on its GoodReads page here!


Dissonance Cover Reveal!

I’m psyched today to participate in the cover reveal for a super cool indie book!

Mariella Hunt is a fellow young writer. We’re both beta reading a manuscript for a mutual friend, and Mariella is so sweet I had no choice but to offer ze blog when she said she was looking for places to host the cover reveal for her debut YA novel Dissonance.

About the book:

Fifteen-year-old Allie Grant lives crippled by her illness. Though kept in isolation, she’s never alone: A spirit named Song lurks in the silence of her bedroom.

When Song reveals its dark nature on the night of her recital, the show ends in tragedy. Verging on death, Allie’s taken in by an uncle she’s never met.

Julian claims to be a Muse with power over music and answers that’ll heal her. The cure she needs is rare, requiring of him a difficult sacrifice. Allie soon suspects her uncle has a secret that’ll turn her world around.

But with days left to live, she might fade without learning the truth…like the finishing chord of a song.

About Mariella:

Mariella Hunt is a writer with a strong love for coffee and guinea pigs. She likes using big words in everyday speech, and keeps journals of quotes from the greats.

Most days you’ll find her on a well-loved armchair, reading–or working on one of her many projects. As she cannot stick to an outline, she rewrites way too much.

Find Mariella Online:

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Website –

And Finally, the Gorgeous Cover:

So pretty, right? Dissonance will be out soon!