NaNo Day 23: It’s the Final Countdown


I just spent twenty minutes thinking my Twitter had been suspended/deleted somehow, sent a couple emails back and forth with customer support, only for it to come back on its own, perfectly fine. No idea what’s going on, but glad to know it’s back (although now they might just suspend me for being annoying, because I was FREAKING. OUT, because I don’t break rules).

Anyway: I’m currently seven thousand words behind on NaNoWriMo, plus the Tuesday after Thanksgiving I have my final group presentation in Spanish, my genetics term paper, and the final genetics worksheet (aka “major, will-take-me-at-least-twelve-hours-to-complete project”) all due. So I’m kind of halfway to breaking my adrenal glands from overuse.

My plans for this weekend involve writing all day today (plus watching Doctor Whooooooo), working on the Spanish presentation and genetics worksheet tomorrow, and finishing up both of those Monday. Then I have class all day Tuesday, but I get to go home right after that for Thanksgiving. And I have SIX DAYS OFF to somehow magically finish both NaNoWriMo AND write my genetics term paper, then. (Hurray! Maybe I’ll actually get to sleep for a day after December 3rd!)

Upside: Yesterday was actually mildly productive. Despite spending a lot of time hanging out with friends, I did get about 600 words written, which sounds really depressing but is also the most writing I’ve done since the beginning of the week. Plus we watched Aladdin, and I mean: classic Disney is worth it. (Oh, and I got my social science midterm back. 91.67%, what up!)

I’m going to go get started on today’s writing. Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday, and you’re doing better at NaNo than I am!

day 23


NaNo Day 18: Movies I’m Excited to See

Well, I didn’t make 5k yesterday, but I did get a few thousand words written, so my total’s now up to 31,000. And although I have a nice chunk of homework to do today, I’m hoping to get some writing done in between assignments. We’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, rather than revolving around classes, my writing schedule this week focuses on what’s happening Thursday night. AKA The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out and I’m about to pee myself small dog-style out of excitement, so I’m trying to get a lot of my writing done earlier in the week so that I can relax and enjoy the movie later on.

Catching FireĀ isn’t the only movie releasing soon that I’m psyched about reaching theaters, though. I give you: Movies I’m Excited to See


The Book Thief

While normally I prefer to read a book before I see its film adaption, I’m actually really hoping to see the movie version of this one first. Because I feel like spending a couple hours on a sad film that’ll let me in on all the sad plot twists of the story, first, will help me prepare for trying to get through the novel later. (Yes. I know the novel is incredible. But I also know it’s going to make me cry really hard, and I want to be prepared for that.)

This movie has already released in some markets, but won’t release here in Michigan until November 23nd. Maybe. It’s been really complicated trying to get release information, since it’s apparently already out in the rest of the country but not at all in this state.



I’m purposely avoiding learning too much about this movie right now because I’d rather be surprised than disappointed when I see it, but from what I’ve heard it’s supposed to be the best animated film since The Lion King? Okay. I’ll take it for a spin.

This movie releases in the United States on November 27th.


Saving Mr. Banks

Apparently a lot of people have not heard about this movie yet. If you have not heard about it, please watch the trailer and fall in love with it. (I’m not a big Mary Poppins fan, but this looks like such a unique story, and kudos to Disney for telling it, even though I’m sure they’ve cleaned it up a bit to end in their favor.) (If you’ve heard the back story of how the movie came to be made, it’s also incredible.)

This movie releases in the United States on December 20th.



I’m getting a little bit very nervous for this movie, because I haven’t been huge on a lot of the promotional materials they’ve released so far. But I’m hoping it’ll turn out as good as the book after all. (If you want to know why this trailer makes me antsy about the film, Christina of polandbananasbooks on Youtube describes my thoughts perfectly.)

This movie releases in the United States on March 21st, 2014.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

Let’s be honest. I’ll just watch anything with Jennifer Lawrence in it.

This movie releases in the United States on May 23rd, 2014.


Of course there are a few other movies I’m excited for too (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, TFiOS, etc), but we’re yet to get trailers for those, unfortunately.

What movies are you excited for that are coming out soon? Do you have any suggestions for things I should see?

day 18