Update on that “Waiting to Edit” Situation…

Yeah, I sort of failed at that.


Oh well, I guess?


Shhh… don’t tell the Editing Fairies.

It has now been a little over three weeks since I finished the first draft of Dreamcatcher, and since then I’ve done a second draft myself, had one of my amazing critique friends do a critique (and implemented her changes into a third draft), and now I’m eager to do more revising, just as soon as my other two amazing critique friends finish up. And then I’m giving it to my mom to edit. And then I’m giving it to one of my English teachers to edit (believe it or not, I currently have multiple English teachers — that’s what happens when you’re way too obsessed with English).

… And, in conclusion, I’m probably going to have like a billion and one drafts done by the time my “two month waiting period” is up and I actually get to the point where I’m allowed to look at it.

So… oh well?

Happy Easter Weekend!