Story Time: Lessons from Chipotle

I tried Chipotle today.

I know, I know. As a college student, I’m supposed to eat so much Chipotle I’m more burrito than water. But I had it once a billion years ago–towards the beginning of high school, when I’d first become a vegetarian and was still way too picky about, well, everything–and I thought it was absolutely disgusting. So I’ve been avoiding it ever since.

Then, today, on my way back from running some errands in downtown, heading to a film class screening, I started to go past Chipotle and found myself opening the door and stepping inside and getting in line. Completely on a whim.

I got flour soft shell veggie tacos with brown rice and lettuce and cheese, with a side of guac and chips. And you know what? While the guac and chips were average at best, the tacos were excellent. Like I basically inhaled them because they were so good.

And I’ve been depriving myself of these excellent tacos for like seven years now simply because I didn’t like Chipotle at a time when my tastes were super different.

Besides getting to gloat that I ate really excellent tacos today, this post does have a point: Things are worth trying twice. Or three times. Or fifty.

I went through a period when I couldn’t stand fantasy books, and now I love them. I’ve hated an author’s debut, then gone on to love their sophomore novel. And I’ve certainly tried to write a story over and over again to no avail, only to have it suddenly start working a year later.

Tastes change. Circumstances change. And as we grow, it’s worth it to go back and try things again.

You never know when you’re going to go to a restaurant you used to hate and end up with tacos from Heaven*.



*Let’s be honest. The point of this post really was just to gloat about the tacos.