Wordy Wednesday (“With Time”)

So, as I mentioned last week, the Hopwood Underclassmen Awards Ceremony happened, and it was all very cool and special and it meant I got to see my family for the first time in a while (and gorge on Macaroni Grill for free–thanks, Mom and Dad). I am so grateful for everyone’s support and the fact that opportunities like the Hopwoods exist for student writers period and GAH. Sometimes life is just awesome, you know?


Also, I finally got the chance to put together a vlog about the Yule Ball the Michigan Quidditch Team put on a couple weeks ago, so if you want to check out what that was like (hint: it was fantastic), you can watch that here.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is the lyrics to a song called “With Time.”


[Capo 4—Am, C, Em, D]


I don’t know

How to tell you what’s going on

Because I don’t even understand

I don’t know

How to let you help me

Because I don’t even know if I am broken


Is this a dent or a fracture

A detour on the way to happily ever after

Or ending of some kind

Am I something broken

Or just a heart falling open

For the world to see into my mind

I guess I’ll figure it out with time


The other day I was walking down the street

And I just couldn’t move my feet

It was like the cement

was trading places with my bones

And I don’t know

How to read a map

Because I don’t even know where I am at

[Repeat CHORUS]


Falling or flying, I don’t know the difference

It all looks the same from a close enough distance

And I don’t know how to read my own thoughts in my head

Sometimes it’s easier to rely on things already said

[Repeat CHORUS]


I’ll figure it out with time.




Wordy Wednesday (“Poetry, Take Two”)

So, yesterday was basically one of the most exciting days of college so far, because not only was the 2014 Hopwood Underclassmen Award Ceremony in the afternoon, but we had a snow day.

You heard that right: The University of Michigan. Cancelled classes due to weather. FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1978.

With wind chill, it was -30 degrees Fahrenheit. My hall spent the day snuggled up in one of our hall lounges, where we dragged a TV and lots of junk food and pillows, and watched the first five Harry Potter movies in a row (due to the Hopwoods, though, I missed the end of Sorcerer’s Stone and all of Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban–which, you know, was sad, but also totally worth it since it was THE HOPWOOD UNDERCLASSMEN AWARD CEREMONY).

My parents and grandparents came into town for the ceremony, which was awesome (love you, guys!), then afterward we got dinner with my sister and I gave them all a tour of the dorm and then I studied for an exam I had this morning (which I ended up arriving a half hour early for, thanks to the dorm fire alarm playing us the song of its people).

I’ll try to get a couple pictures from the Hopwoods up this weekend, but in the meantime, here’s a shot of the lounge you wish you spent yesterday in.

we got dat loungePaintings by Hannah.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is another clump of random short poems and bits and pieces I’ve got lying around.


I can feel the distance in my bones

how far away I am from home

and I need Ann Arbor like I need veins

for my blood to run in


There is something sad in that silence,

the weight of waiting.

And knowing that the waiting is still better than what is to come,

but the future holds a different kind of pain

that maybe is ultimately worse, but shorter, easier to swallow–

a gunshot versus a hangnail that drags on and on.

I don’t know if I want the silence or what comes next.


You turn the volume all the way up

to drown out the silence

But it keeps creeping in

in the loudest parts of riots

And you don’t know how to be

the person you’re becoming

And you don’t know if sound is better

or if you’re only running.


All you ever heard were the words I never said

the things you didn’t want, the things I don’t regret

The lines upon my palm, a map from long ago

you let it define me, so you could let me go

And I’m sorry I never said sorry

but I’m not sorry for the things I did

I never tried to erase them, I couldn’t if I hid

I never pointed them out, and you shouldn’t have searched so hard

But I understand this is my fault, for carrying my battle scars


I can’t take this feeling in my head

the weight of words left unsaid


You go back and you paint everything grey

Don’t understand those memories anyway

A wall made of thickest glass separates you

from everything that happens and everything you do

’Cause you don’t feel skin anymore,

just empty air and an open door,

that’s locked—somehow

And you can’t feel them on your tongue

the words you say as you come undone

just one by one, they slip free

As you sacrifice yourself,

as you sacrifice me


The truth about life

is that you will always be

terrified or stressed or angry

about something.

The key is to find the one thing

that is still worth it

despite it all.


There’s that moment

when you stand beside something

truly great

and it makes you believe that


you could be great too

just by being in its presence.