Wordy Wednesday (“Cadence, Chapter 14”)

I’m dressed as an American College Student Muggle, here. It was hard work putting the costume together, as I’m sure you can tell.

We had a tie again this week between a memoir and Cadence, and I have homework and no new memoirs prepared, so guess what: You’re getting Cadence.

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Recap of What’s Happened So Far:



[Sorry this is no longer available–I’m editing Cadence now with the hopes of maybe, possibly publishing it someday. Thanks for the interest, though!]


No, that is not a yawn. I was most definitely screaming over how awesome/scary/fantastic your costume is. Shut up.

Dressing as a Hunger Games character for Halloween? Send your pictures to [redacted] and I’ll feature them on the blog!


PS. So, I just transitioned the blog from still-clinging-to-summer mode to it’s-NaNoWriMo-time-which-means-it’s-winter. What do ya think?