Fashion Friday: Favorite Spring Trends

Whoa, look at that—it’s a mystical Fashion Friday! Haven’t seen one of these in a while, eh? I know I’m not really doing fashion posts anymore (like I did very many of them in the first place), but since spring is (hopefully) right around the corner and I’ve been salivating quite a bit over all the new clothes I keep seeing everywhere, I figured this would be as good a time as any to do a fashion post.

I give you: my favorite spring trends.



FloralModcloth, $52.99

Floral is always pretty big in spring, but this year I’ve been seeing some really fun dresses like the one above that go beyond the usual, softer look of a floral pattern. It’s just so bright and cheery and loud, I feel like the sun would have no choice but to come out from behind the April rainclouds next month and say hello. And of course, while floral looks good on all manners of clothing and accessories, I’m personally partial to floral dresses, which leads us into our next trend…


SundressTarget, $27.99

Sundresses are fantastic because you can wear them for practically any occasion–going to class, going to church, going to a party; whatever you want. You can either dress ’em up or dress ’em down, and they always look great. They’re light and airy and comfy, but also have a way of looking polished and put together. This spring, I’m definitely going to be wearing lots of sundresses out and about, probably pairing them with some cute combat boots until it gets warm enough to trade those out for my sandals.



CoralKohl’s,  $29.99

Coral is a really big color this year, and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. Outside of your standard dresses and shirts and skirts, I’ve also been seeing this color show up a lot as nail polish.


KedsKeds, $45.00

Last but not least, it’s Taylor Swift’s favorite shoes: Keds. A few years back, I was in a musical that required all of us to wear plain white Keds, and not a single girl in the show had a pair. Now, they are absolutely everywhere, and I love all the different patterns and looks you can get with them. (Plus, secret: I got a pair of bright red knock-offs that look exactly like the real things from K-Mart for only $12.99.)


So, those are my favorite spring trends in fashion. What are yours? Is there anything in particular you’re really looking forward to about spring, fashion or not? (I know I can’t wait for school to let out–yay for college finals being over a month earlier than high school ones were!)

Have a good weekend!


PS. I promise you, the next chapter of This Is a Book will be up very, very soon! This fashion post was one I had just hanging around, already pre-written and pre-scheduled for today, so no worries–I did not take time away from writing the novel for this.