Wordy Wednesday (“Let Go”)

As predicted, I got exactly zero writing done yesterday, and I missed two of my classes, due to feeling so crappy and being so far behind on my homework, since I wasn’t able to finish anything Monday.

So I’m now a good 4k+ behind on my NaNoWriMo goals, and even behind by the site’s daily word goal standards, and that rocks, but oh well. This sort of thing has happened before. I’ll just have to write my butt off this weekend to catch back up. (Anyone up for doing some word sprints with me on Saturday?)

The winning option for this week’s Wordy Wednesday is poem/song lyrics, and the poem I’ve selected for you is called “Let Go.” I wrote it a couple weeks back–as I mentioned before, I’m going through some stuff right now, and this poem talks a bit about all of that.


I wrote the words in purple ink

the shade of notes and planning and practiced signatures

and the words were at the base of my right thumb,

angled out, the easiest position to write

let go.

Throughout the day I filled them in,

ran over the lines until they bled across my palm

my skin became a manmade bruise, tattoo spreading

until my entire hand thrummed with the words

let go.

I traced the purple letters with tired eyes,

dry and slow and itching to scratch

I didn’t touch a thing until they were a part of my blood,

transported the poison to my brain through my heart,

and the ink was an eraser against the pain,

and the purple was the symbol of starting anew,

and I forgot what I needed to forget

I forgot enough to

let go.

I scrubbed the words with calloused fingers

that once ached with age but now were young,

and my skin is pale with starcrossed lines,

a thousand more stories ready to live

with costumes, black ink, and a white paper stage

singing of how she

let go.


(Look, it’s the return of the NaNoWriMo Excerpt option!)


 day 6


PS. Let this “PS.” stand as a reminder that you have until midnight tonight, eastern time, to enter to win a signed copy of Veronica Roth’s ALLEGIANT either on this blog post or on my Facebook page. I should be drawing and contacting the winner sometime tomorrow!