Why I Love My Dog (and My Cat)

After going to the Maggie Stiefvater book signing on Friday, I was greeted with this when I got home:

Can we all please just take a moment to appreciate how sweet and wonderful and adorable Sammy is? It’s going to be really hard leaving her behind when I go back to school today… On the other hand, it will be slightly easier to leave Willy here, seeing as this is the face he gave me when I tried saying hello:

He’s lovely when he looks like he wants to chew my head off, no?

I’m really tired right now and have to go get ready for this funeral thing I’ve got today for a teacher from my high school (hence why I’m back home this weekend at all), so this post is basically impossibly short, but I haven’t forgotten about you, and hopefully things will be back to normal a bit more this week, since I’m healthy again. Although you never know what’s going to happen with college, unfortunately.

Talk to you on Wednesday!




PS. Just realized that this is my hundredth post!! WHOOHOOO!!!!!!

Fashion Friday (An Apology)

Before I begin with my begging and pleading for forgiveness for not posting a proper Fashion Friday today, you need to watch this:

How cute is Glee? I had such a big smile on my face all throughout this when the episode premiered yesterday night.

But anyway: It’s currently 11:49 PM, I’m sitting in my house for the first time since I started college a month ago, and I am absolutely, irrevocably exhausted. And I went on a book buying spree today that was probably not entirely healthy, but who cares, because it’s books!

Oh, and I met Maggie Stiefvater. No big deal. At all. You know. Just every day stuff. Meeting an amazing NY Times #1 bestselling author.

So yeah, sorry about that! Fashion Friday will be back next week, I promise! 🙂