Different blogging ideas?

Inspired by the ever lovely Hero, I’ve been thinking of possibly starting to blog every once in a while on fashion. Nothing too major, but maybe just doing a little piece on what I’m wearing to classes and stuff? I mean, I’m not a major fashionista or anything, but I do enjoy looking nice, and I enjoy doing it in as little time as possible, so hey. That’s something.

Let me know if you’d like to see something like that. Or if there’s anything else you’re interested in me posting, like maybe some more book and movie reactions, or maybe something else? Just let me know in the comments.


(Note that I’m normally much better dressed than this. This is my hanging-out-in-my-dorm-while-the-roommate’s-away outfit.)

Happy weekend!



“The Dark Knight Rises” — A Reaction in Pictures *Spoiler Free*

(Update: We’re not going to discuss how a second viewing when not sleep deprived can affect your perception of
The Dark Knight Rises. But I did, and do, really enjoy this movie, despite its many faults. So yeah.)

Q: Why do we fall, Bruce?


I went to see The Dark Knight Rises for the midnight screening last night, and I cannot begin to tell you in words how much I loved it. So, because of the obvious deficiency of my brain (it’s still a little bit numb from the amazingness that was the second half of the movie — the first half was sort of slow), here’s my reaction in pictures instead:

At one point towards the end, I literally jumped up and started crying, because I was just so happy.  My brother can attest to this.

This movie made me smile like a five year old on Christmas for so much of it, it was crazy… Because although it was definitely predictable, and there weren’t any real surprises to the plot for me, it was one of the few movies that made me happy that I predicted it; it was like Christopher Nolan was in my head, putting exactly what I wanted on screen.

Now, I don’t want to put any spoilers on here, since I know a lot of people haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, but let me just say: It is amazing. Undoubtedly one of the best films of the year, and I can’t wait to see it again. Every part of the production was flawless, from the acting to the script to all the tech stuff. (Update: Okay, so not “flawless,” because there are actually definitely a lot of contrived sequences that I didn’t notice in my sleep deprived state, but ya know. Still pretty good.) (Update: Okay so there’s a lot of this movie that pretty much sucks, but I mean, still enjoyable.) It looked and felt beautiful. The beginning was definitely slower than I would have liked, but it would have been difficult to cut it down at all, because everything in it was necessary in order to make the second half the fantastic conclusion that it was.

4.3 out of 5 stars, and worth all the hype. An indescribably awesome ending to an awesome trilogy. 🙂


My prayers and condolences go out to those affected by the shooting in Colorado.

I am so sorry.

Movie Reaction: People Like Us

So I wasn’t sure what I was going to do my blog post about this weekend. Drama camp ending? Grad party season ending? Theatre rehearsals not ending (and kicking my butt)?

What about the fact that I should never wear a smokey eye?

(I look like a racoooooooon!)

What about the fact that I never told you guys how I forced my parents into buying me a nasty gas station doughnut at 11:30 at night on National Doughnut Day a while back?

(Note to self: Never buy a gas station doughnut. Ever again.)

What about the fact that — Okay, I’m running out of goofy pictures I haven’t already shown you. (Oh, and heads up: I completely failed Camp NaNoWriMo, clocking in at only 22,766 words… all of which I wrote during the first week. Hurray?)

… So, all weekend I’ve been wondering and worried and unsure about what I should do this blog post about. There were a lot of different topics, but none of them really seemed post-worthy. (I mean, come on: How long can you discuss the weird looks you get from going out to California Pizza Kitchen in the middle of the afternoon with a deep purple smokey eye and vampiricly white skin?)

But, then, I went to see a movie last night with a couple of my friends. And it was called People Like Us. And it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I actually found myself looking for things to critique about it, because usually there’s some really obvious flaw in ever movie that annoys me to no end throughout the entire thing, because I’m a total movie (and book) snob… and I couldn’t find anything on first glance (although, looking back, there are definitely some contrived plot points that take it a notch below perfect).

Watch the trailer:

This movie combines everything I love about big budget films with all the lovely elements of independent films: There are long conversations that teach you about humanity, and artsy camera angles, and great acting — but there are also amazing shooting locations, the image quality is gorgeous (so that was definitely not a cheap camera they were using)…  Overall, it was just a whole lot of awesome, all rolled into one.

I loved the score, and I loved the script. The movie made me laugh, and it made me cry, and it made me contemplate what it truly means to be family… And, in the end, People Like Us felt just like what its title promises: like it was about People Like Us. Real people. Not just a bunch of fabricated characters on the screen, actors reciting lines. (Speaking of the actors — it starred Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks, who you can also see as Captain Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek movie and Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games, respectively, if you’re wondering who those two are. Which you shouldn’t be. Because they are both BRILLIANT actors.)

This film is gorgeous in every way, and I definitely suggest going to see it. It’s the sort of movie that you can chew on and talk about for hours afterward, and I haven’t been so pleased with a non-action-packed movie as I am with this one in years. (Like, probably not since Marley and Me — and you know I enjoyed it if I’m comparing it to Marley and Me.)

I’d give People Like Us 9 out of 10 stars.

(Now off to see The Amazing Spider-Man at midnight this Monday!)