NaNo Day 8: Writing Playlist

We won the game yesterday! Also I got a picture with the Michigan Storm Trooper: 

And it made it up on the Jumbotron!



Altogether, a very cool time yesterday. (Literally, when you consider the fact I was shivering so hard by the end of the game that my body ached like I’d just done a hard workout.)

I don’t have much time to write today, thanks to two meetings, some family stuff, and the homework I’ve been putting off since Thursday. But I’m going to try to get at least my scheduled 2k in and maybe I’ll magically even catch up a little more as well? I’m starting the day at 10,500 words, after writing about 1.5k yesterday, so I am slowly heading in the right direction. But this NaNoWriMo continues to be a hard one.

On the upside, it’s been pretty easy to find music that’s easy to write this novel to. So: I’ve put together a bit of a playlist.

Without further ado:


Mozart’s Requiem

As I mentioned in this Book Creators post, we’re learning “Requiem” in my choir class this semester. The piece and the story behind it are both so eerie and powerful, and I’ve been using them a lot for inspiration.

The Great Gatsby (2013) Film Score

I’m not a fan of this adaptation of The Great Gatsby, but I do really love its score. Composer Craig Armstrong really captures how the story is all about desperation and bittersweet sadness and want. These are some of the things I’m also using to guide Time Travel Heist Story, and listening to this score always gets me in the right mood.

When I’m not actively writing, but just trying to get into the right head space, I also listen to a lot of, like, more normal music. A few examples:

Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”

Pretty obvious one, but this song (for obvious reasons) captures the same kinds of emotions as The Great Gatsby‘s score. Also, Lana Del Rey’s voice is haunting and absolutely lovely.

Ellie Goulding’s “The Writer”

My NaNo focuses on three friends and this song applies to all three of them in different ways. They’re all desperate for the others’ attention and to be understood and valued for who they are. Ellie Goulding captures that kind of desperation really well here.

Alesso’s “Heroes (we could be)”

This song’s a little more upbeat, but still very full of that longing feeling. (After all, it’s “we could be heroes.”) It captures the more positive notes of this MS really well.

David Guetta and Sia’s “Titanium”

Clearly I have a thing for the music of 2011. Also hero-related songs.

This song is kind of angry and amped up and confident, and it fits what I’d like my characters to become well.


Do you write to music, or use it to get into the right mood for writing? Do you have anything specific you’ve been listening to for your NaNoWriMo project? Wanna share?

Goal for Today: 2,000 + 2,000 (from Friday) + 1,500 (from Sunday)

Overall Goal: 15,000

Current Word Count: 10,534