NaNo Day 17: About that “Writing” Thing…

About five minutes after I published that blog post yesterday, I found out the application for the study abroad program I want to do next summer is finally open. So I then spent a good three hours working on that, and didn’t stop until I realized I was really hungry. And of course, you can’t just eat food, right? You have to do something while you’re eating.

So I made the fatal mistake so many have made before, and went on Netflix. And then subsequently stayed on Netflix until 11:00 PM.

When I did finally find the will power to exit out of that tab on my browser, I wrote for the next couple hours, so I did get 1.5k done yesterday. But I mean. The goal was 5k. Kind of a big difference there.

On the upside, the thing I was supposed to go to today that was going to take away from my writing time fell through, which means I now have all day to get caught back up. Here’s to hoping I can pull a 5k day at some point this weekend after all.

How are you doing with NaNo? Anyone else having trouble focusing?

day 17