Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

Hey there, you awesome reader person you! I’m here today to let’cha know about a super cool, super secret new project that a friend of mine and I have been working on for quite a while now and are very¬†excited about. (Okay, so we just decided to do it last night, but whatever–that’s like a decade in house fly years and we really are excited about it, so let’s just let that one slide, right?)

Welcome to This is a Book: a novel collaboratively written by Mel of The Ultimately Useless Stories of An Average Teenager and myself that spans so many genres and tropes and never-see-them-coming-because-even-the-authors-don’t-know-they’re-coming plot twists that it’s too big to post on just one blog. So we’re posting it on two.

From now until either the novel ends or we do (we’re pushing for it to be the novel that kicks the bucket first, but you never know with all these crazy weather patterns and the fact that the University of Michigan hasn’t given a snow day since 1978), Mel and I will be posting the chapters on a biweekly basis–Sundays on her blog and weekdays on mine (I’m thinking Thursdays, but we’ll see what happens with Spanish). Mel’s a fantastic writer and absolutely hilarious, and she uses her blog to mainly talk about all the crazy “average” stuff that happens in her day to day life, so you should definitely check her out.

Make sure to follow this lovely link on over to Mel’s blog and read the first chapter of This is a Book, going live on Sunday, and check back for Chapter Two showing up on Julia the Writer Girl sometime later this week! (That is, if I don’t drown under my pile of homework first.)

Talk to you soon!



PS. I know it’s only February, but what do you think of the new spring blog theme?