Wordy Wednesday: Getting Back into Writing

So I had my creative writing tutorial today and in the midst of my instructor giving his critique on the short story I turned in last week (by the way: he liked it), he brought up how I need to start thinking about my senior creative writing honors thesis, and also here are some examples of awesome theses from students of yesteryear, and also it hit me: I’m going to graduate really, really soon. Then I’m going to be just another spiral-bound senior honors thesis on his shelf.

This time next year, I’m going to be in my last semester of college. And that is terrifying.

I’m not ready to go out into the real world yet. I can barely handle figuring out how to pay taxes and bills, let alone how to provide money for paying taxes and bills. And like–I’m supposed to get a job? How does one get a job? How do you find jobs, and apply, and interview, and actually¬†get¬†one? Or if I don’t go on the job hunt, I should be going to grad school of some sort (said creative writing instructor has started dropping hints about MAs and MFAs), and there are all these tests and applications and interviews, and LIFE IS A SCARY THING.

It’s January 21st, 2015 and I am already freaking out about 2016 and everything that comes after.

I cannot believe that I am twenty and I’m graduating next year and I’m supposed to start being a Real Adult next year.

Anyway. Existential crisis aside: This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a writing process post on how to get back into writing after taking a break. (Thanks for the idea, Ariel!)


So, you’ve been away from writing for a while. Maybe you were on vacation, or burned out, or didn’t have time. Maybe Netflix ate you. (It happens.) The point is: It can be difficult getting back into writing.

Here are some of the ways I get back into the swing of things.

Set aside time to write.

Just setting aside a concrete chunk of time to definitely write and do nothing else can do wonders for making it easier to start again.

Listen to writing music.

I really like listening to movie scores while writing. Even if I’m not already in the mood to write, if I put on music I’ve previously written a lot to, my brain starts whirling. (Protip: I’ve been listening A TON to the score from The Theory of Everything lately. The opening track is quite possibly the most beautiful thing ever composed.)

Go to Panera/Starbucks/wherever.

I’ve been having a ton of issues getting in the right head space to revise the past couple weeks, so yesterday I treated myself to a large Panera mac and cheese and a smoothie, and there is something about being in a public place that makes working so much easier.

As much as I love the privacy and quiet of my bedroom, it’s way easier to accidentally end up on Twitter or Youtube when no one else is around, even when no one else is watching.

Work on an existing project.

Starting something new straight off a break can be hard. I find it’s generally easier to return to something you’ve already put a lot of the legwork in on, get back into the writing mode using that, then move on to your shiny new project.


Do you have any suggestions for getting back into writing after being away for awhile? Leave ’em in the comments!

Thanks for reading!