WDC Weekend: Pitch Slam Recap

After rushing to get ready this morning and receiving some unwelcome surprises (hello, allergies, I missed you this winter too!), we all finally made it to the first session this morning. And it’s basically just been a whirlwind since then, going between sessions, practicing our pitches, and then finally: THE PITCH SLAM. (You have to read that in a really deep, dramatic movie-announcer voice.)

The Slam is basically the most nerve-wracking thing on the planet. This was my third year doing it, and I still had a mini panic attack before speaking to each of the eleven agents I got to. It was also totally fun though, because I pitched in a completely different way this year than I have in the past, and it made it a lot more free flow and fun (instead of having a really set query letter-style pitch that I just read to the agents, I gave them my elevator pitch from memory and then just winged it from there). Plus: I had the opportunity during the Pitch Slam to meet one of my writing friends in person, the super cool Joan (who has great boots, by the way). Read her blog here.

We ran into each other on accident, as I was leaving one agent’s table and cutting between another agent’s line and her table, and Joan happened to be in that line. She recognized me, we freaked out, and it was awesome. 🙂

(Sorry if this post at all seems like it’s kind of all over the place. I’m only half-aware of what I’m doing right now, because I’m still coming off my adrenaline high from the Pitch Slam, and I’ve gotta leave for the next session in a minute.)

So anyway: the Pitch Slam. I got to talk to eleven agents (which is a really high number for WDC–most people only get to talk to three or five–but my mom’s awesome and acts as a placeholder for me in the lines so I get to talk to more). Of those eleven agents, I got requests from ALL ELEVEN. And I am now about to go pass out from happiness and nerves and excitement and AHHHHH. 😀

… Off to the next session, now. Talk to you soon!