NaNo Day 9: #12HrWordSprint

After some complications with writing last night (namely: I was really, really burned out from all the school stuff), I did manage to get a little over a thousand words written. Hannah and our friend Sam and I also made a new vlog, which you should watch, because it’s about an important issue in the United States today.


Basically: If you’re gay, you currently cannot legally donate blood in the US. This was a somewhat reasonable decision back in like the ’80s, because of AIDS and everything, but now that we have all of the screening and testing we do on donors and blood to make sure everything’s safe anyway, it doesn’t make sense to let this policy stay in place. Potential gay donors just want to help others–shouldn’t we let them?

If you’re interested in signing the petition to change the MSM blood donation policy, you can find it on the White House website here.

It’s currently 9:38 AM EST, which means that we’re about twenty minutes out from today’s twelve hours of word sprinting/Potentially An Insane Word War.

Because I’m really intelligent and good at keeping up with things, I just found out yesterday that NaNoWriMo is actually officially hosting their 2013 Writing Marathon + Donation Day today. That means all kinds of extra special write-ins are occurring all over the world right now and NaNoWriMo’s giving away some kickbutt prizes hourly for donating to support them (DO IT). Make sure to check out and keep up with the festivities today. It’s going to be fantastic.

Meanwhile, that means our twelve hour Word Sprint will unofficially be coinciding with the 2013 Writing Marathon, so how awesome is that?

Interested in sprinting, what a Word Sprint is, or the Word War? Details below:


About the Word Sprint

A Word Sprint is basically an event in which you try to write as many words as possible within a set amount of time. Generally you sprint with other people, but it’s not a competition against them–just you against yourself. It takes NaNoWriMo’s “quantity over quality” mantra to heart.

Today I’ll be sprinting for twelve hours, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST, to try to get caught up on where I’m supposed to be in NaNo today (which is about 9,000 words from where I’m at now). If you want to sprint with me so we can cheer one another on, you can write for as much or as little of the event as you’d like/have time for. Because it’s a competition against yourself, you can check in to post how many words you have throughout the day, when you reach certain goals, etc, on the Facebook event, Twitter (using #12HrWordSprint), or here–or you can just keep your word counts to yourself. It’s completely up to you. You don’t even have to tell me that you’re participating if you don’t want to. The entire point is just to write.


About the Word War

On the other hand, if you’re participating in the Word War I’m potentially hosting today, I need to know by noon. That’s 12:00 PM EST. The Word War will only occur if I have five people sign up by then, and the final word count you turn in at the end of the day will be for all the words you’ve written between 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM EST. You have until 10:05 PM to get your final word count to me, which you can do by emailing me at [redacted] with the subject line “12 Hour Word War.” I’ll announce the winner in my blog post tomorrow. Winner gets a nifty literary-themed mug.

What is a Word War you ask? It’s basically the same exact thing as a Word Sprint, except that instead of competing against yourself, you’re now competing against other writers to see who can get the most words.

You can sign up for the Word War by doing one of the following:

1. Comment on the post I put up on the Facebook event saying that you’re participating (it should be really obvious which post that is, because in it I say something along the lines of “like or comment on this post to let me know if you’re participating”).

2. Comment on this blog post saying that you’re participating.

3. Tweet at me on Twitter saying that you’re participating: @Julia_Byers

Again: You must sign up for the Word War by noon, eastern standard time, if you want to participate today, because the Word War won’t happen unless five people sign up for it by then. If the Word War does happen, feel free to post your word count throughout the day just like the sprinters, but make sure you send your final word count in an email to me by 10:05 PM EST with the subject line “12 Hour Word War.”

Update (12:06 PM, 11/9/13): Unfortunately it looks like we don’t have enough people for the Word War. Sorry, but thanks to all who signed up. Let’s still have fun sprinting, all right?


I’ll be posting updates about my word count throughout the day on the Facebook event and on Twitter using #12HrWordSprint, and I’d love it if you did too. 🙂 Also feel free to leave updates in the comments. Whatever works for you works for the event.

day 9

Happy sprinting/warring!