Wordy Wednesday (“Cadence, Super Special Excerpt of Specialness”)

We’ve got a three-way tie for this week’s Wordy Wednesday, so between that and the fact that this is the first Wednesday of 2013, I figured I’d give you a special treat instead of the usual poem or something. BEHOLD: A Cadence excerpt.

Back Story: [Redacted]


[Sorry this is no longer available–I’m editing Cadence now with the hopes of maybe, possibly publishing it someday. Thanks for the interest, though!]


Before I go, I figured I’d take a second to talk about New Year’s Resolutions, since I’m one of those sentimental weirdos who makes resolutions every year (12, actually–one to represent each month). So, an update on my progress from last year’s Resolutions:

  1. Blog twice a week: I almost succeeded on this one. Almost. But then Spanish class had to come and mess it all up this past semester. I’m still pretty proud of myself for sticking with blogging throughout the entire year, though, since I’ve never been the type of person patient or responsible enough to keep a diary or anything like that. So this is like halfway accomplished.
  2. Write a novel: This is another halfway one. While I didn’t write a complete novel in 2012, despite my best efforts to, I did finish one novel and get nearly 90,000 words into another, so I’d say this one was nearly accomplished as well.
  3. Do my best to get a literary agent: Check plus on this one, although I didn’t succeed in actually procuring a lit agent. I feel like I made some pretty big strides, though, towards snagging an agent someday, this year.
  4. Do my best to get a talent agent: Yeah, this would be a failure. Namely because I realized partway through the year that I really ought not pursue the acting industry–as much as I love it, I don’t love it enough. Which kind of sucks, but oh well.
  5. Make new friends: Check plus, although really: I’m a freshman in college. It would be sort of difficult NOT to make new friends.
  6. Enjoy college, no matter where I end up: When I wrote this resolution, it was because I had just been deferred from the University of Michigan and thought that I was probably going to end up at every Wolverine’s worst nightmare, Michigan State. Not that I personally have anything against Michigan State, really, because a ton of my family went there, but at the same time: A ton of my family went there. And I didn’t want to just be following in the footsteps of everyone else (hence how a born-and-raised Spartan became a Wolverine). Luckily, U of M ended up accepting me a month or two later, and I got to go to my dream school after all. And I have most definitely been enjoying college so far. So check plus.
  7. Get all As for my last two semesters of high school: I was so close. SO CLOSE! And then my senioritis caught up with me at the end of second semester… and in the middle of it… and at the beginning… and yeah. I got a B. Ugh. This is another halfway accomplishment.
  8. Start posting covers of songs on Youtube: Total and complete failure, although I did end up putting up a couple of original songs this year. This is going to be an unofficial Resolution in 2013, because I still think Youtube is the coolest thing ever and I kind of desperately want to find a way to be more involved in it. But anyway, for 2012, this was a failure.
  9. ENJOY LIFE, even if it’s not going my way: Check plus. 🙂
  10. Help someone who I don’t have to – be selfless: Check plus.
  11. Change the world: Check plus, I guess, since I did “change the world” this year, technically, although not in as major of a way as I would have liked.
  12. Find happiness. Check plus. 

And now, drum roll please…

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2013:

1. Do something selfless at least once a week

2. Pass all of my classes (especialmente Españolo), and with a 3.0 or higher

3. Make new friends (but keep the old—one is silver and the other gold)

4. Write a novel

5. Participate in FAWM (February Album Writing Month)

6. Blog at least twice a week

7. Start querying Dreamcatcher

8. Save $365 to give to charity

9. Go to church at least once a month

10. Get a heck of a lot of planning done for Ch1Con 2014

11. Learn how to do a Proper British Dialect (#11 is subject to change)

12. Get my driver’s license (<–Don’t laugh at me. I’ve never had need for it before, but now I do.)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Do you have any Resolutions for 2013?



Oh, and PS: I totally 4-pointed my first semester of college. I AM SO HAPPY YOU HAVE NO IDEA AHHH. 🙂

New Year’s Resolutions

So this has basically been my inner monologue for the past twenty four hours:

I can’t believe it’s already the end of 2011. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it. It’s impossible. No way it’s already the end of the year. I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year. The end of 2011? No way. 2011 just began! It’s impossible. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it. It is NOT the end of 2011!

… And around and around in circles I’ve gone.

Well, this seemed like as good a time as any to talk about the Oh-So-Important ritual of creating New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not gonna lie: I get totally hyped over making my resolutions each year. But what gets me even more hyped is looking back  at my completely forgotten about and abandoned resolutions from last year, realizing how much I suck at life, and deciding to do better this next year.

Which, you know, usually lasts about a week and then my short term memory cuts out and I forget again. (Although, seeing as “get in shape” has been on my resolutions list for the past four years running, that selective memory brownout might be on purpose.)

Nonetheless, though, I’ve already sat down this week and written out a list of resolutions for 2012 that are hopefully easier done than said, rather than the other way around like they usually are (I repeat: getting in shape). And now, without further ado, my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions list:

  1. Blog twice a week
  2. Write a novel
  3. Do my best to get a literary agent
  4. Do my best to get a talent agent
  5. Make new friends
  6. Enjoy college, no matter where I end up
  7. Get all As for my last two semesters of high school
  8. Start posting covers of songs on Youtube
  9. ENJOY LIFE, even if it’s not going my way
  10. Help someone who I don’t have to – be selfless
  11. Change the world
  12. Find happiness.

I’m also halfway tempted to add “don’t die” onto there, in reference to the apparent apocalypse, but then I feel like that’s just testing fate.

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions? Doing anything fun to ring in the New Year? Are there any books or movies you’re particularly excited about in 2012? (HUNGER GAMES MOVIE AND NEW GALLAGHER GIRLS BOOK OH MY GOSH!!!!!)

Although I’m sad to see 2011 go, I’m even gladder to see where 2012 will go. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally start exercising! (Wouldn’t that be a miracle?)

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S GUYS!! Next time I talk to you, it’s going to be 2012! The year I turn 18, graduate, go to college, and hopefully don’t die in the apocalypse. 🙂