Wordy Wednesday (“Across the Sea”)

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a song I wrote for some friends going through a tough time right now. (Note: I was sick when I recorded the video of it, so my voice is kind of dying during it, but it gives you an idea of what it sounds like.)

Youtube Video:



VERSE 1 [C, Em, Am, G]

Hey there, all the way across the sea

I’m thinking of you thinking of me

Sisters in this land of damaged hands


And I am walking across quicksand

Knowing only you could understand

The words I feel the need to say



Like you are going to be okay

This doesn’t have to end this way


CHORUS [C, Em, Am, G]

It’s just a matter of time

’Til you see the sunrise, and

This night will go away

They say it’s darkest before the day


It’s just a matter of time

Before your bruises fade to scars

And that smile will be there

As visible as the stars


Saving you, saving you

Saving you, saving me

Across the sea



Hey there, you’re all alone

At the top of the world

The air’s so thin you feel

Like falling down


And I am here waiting

To catch you on the ground

A parachute between us,

It can carry you

Safely down



There’s no need to be afraid

You are going to find your way


[Repeat CHORUS]


BRIDGE [Em, Am, C, G]

And I know he scares you,

But leaving scares you more

And I know it’s easier

To touch the window than open the door


But this is for your own good,

Moving on like melting snow

It doesn’t mean forgetting,

It means letting go


[Repeat CHORUS]



Don’t forget to check back later this week for Chapter Two of This Is a Book!





Bonus Post: Chronicles of a Sick College Student

Step 1: Wake up at 5:00 AM because you weren’t able to focus on your homework last night, only to find that your head hurts so badly this morning that you STILL can’t focus. At all. And you keep falling asleep whenever you try. Which is just wonderful.


Step 2: Instead of focusing on your homework, debate the merits of taking one of your only four sick days allowed for the semester, and finally realize–when you cannot focus on debating the merits of taking one of your only four sick days allowed for the semester–that you really do need to take a sick day. Joy.


Step 3: Email your professors saying you’re not coming in, and go back to bed, only to have your roommate not realize you didn’t go to class, and flip the overhead light on when she gets up. And you have a loft. So now you’re blind as well as sick. (Note that this is completely your fault, and the roommate should not be blamed for any loss of eyesight, because honestly: If you were at all intelligent, you would have thought to have left a note on the light switch saying not to turn it on.)


(Get extremely angry at yourself for not being intelligent.)


Step 4: Yell at anyone who tries to talk to you, because apparently this illness also converts you into a massive jerk.


Step 5: Go around looking like this all day:


And this:


And this:


Good night, and I’ll talk to you on Wednesday. If I’m still alive.