I Skied a Double Black Diamond!!!!!

Hahahahahahaha, happy April Fool’s Day!!!!

“Confidence: The feeling you have before you really understand the situation.”

Fun things I’ve done so far on my spring break ski trip (and I’m not joking: It’s spring break. And I’m going skiing):

1. Braid my hair a billion different ways. (Featured: French-braided pigtails.)

2. Eat lots of weird vegetarian food. (Featured: Weird Vegetarian Tofu Stir Fry.)

3. Make mini snowmen while collapsed on the ground. (Featured: Mini Mama and Mini Baby snowmen, to my left… hiding against the backdrop of all the rest of the snow…)



… All of which I’ll tell you about later, because right now it’s time to get back to the Ski Trip Shenanigans. 😀

Featured: Braided ponytail… that you cannot see.