Wordy Wednesday: Edge of the World

It’s the first day of spring term! A tiny part of me would have liked to have gotten more than five seconds of summer vacation, but at the same time, I’m taking screenwriting. So, like, spring term is going to be a lot of hard work, but also SO MUCH FUN.

Also, in the last couple days I found out I got a 4.0 last semester (and my overall GPA is back up into a not-terrible position, thank God) and that I got accepted to a special humanities-based committee on campus that’s starting in the fall and sounds amazing. So I’m having a pretty solid week so far.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a song I wrote a couple months ago.

[Capo 3]
VERSE1 [C, G, Em, C]
How did we get here,
at the end of the line?
Did we turn the map wrong?
Did we misread the signs?

And where do we go from here,
when I can’t turn around?
I’m a bird afraid of flying.
No, I’m afraid of hitting the ground.

And I don’t know
where to go-oh-oh-oh-oh
from here,
from here

CHORUS [C, G, Em, D]
Tell me, where is this leading?
I need to know how we’re proceeding.
Left, right, straight ahead—
Will the sun rise on us as good as dead?

Tell me, should I keep believing,
Evening when time keeps leaving?
Up, down, crash into the ground—
Will our screams on the edge make a sound?

Falling off the edge of the world.
Falling off the edge of the world.

VERSE2 [C, G, Em, C]
How did it come to this,
after all that we’ve been through?
Could we have tried harder?
Were we destined to lose?

And how do we move on from here,
when everything’s a fall?
I’m so afraid of dying.
No, I’m afraid of not living at all.

All I know
is the lights glow-oh-oh
even here,
even here

[Repeat CHORUS]

BRIDGE [C, G, Em, D]
Everything is about movement,
but they try to lock you out of it,
and I am just so sick of this—
leaving on a plane, train,
no time to explain

[Repeat CHORUS]

ENDING [C, G, Em, D]
Falling off the edge of the world.
Falling off the edge of the world.


Thanks for reading!


Wordy Wednesday: Lullaby

It’s currently 2:15 PM on Wednesday and–WAIT. LOOK AT THAT. IT’S ACTUALLY WEDNESDAY. (I think I deserve an award.)

Things are crazy right now, but what else is new? I’m kind of in love with this semester. It’s hard keeping up with everything, and it’s about to get harder, but “everything” consists of really awesome classes, and projects I’m super excited about, and people I love, so it’s worth it, you know? (Now if only I had time to sleep for more than six hours a night.)

Things that have happened since last week:

The first Ch1Con Chat!

Members of the Chapter One Young Writers Conference team and our friends got together to talk about writing and books for our first ever Ch1Con Chat. We’re going to be doing a Ch1Con Chat the first Thursday of every month at 8:00 PM eastern. Want to help us choose the topic for the next chat? Vote here! And you can watch this month’s chat below. [Beware the numerous technical difficulties.]

Hannah and Julia’s Vlog is back!

Check it out! Hannah and I talk about what we did this summer.

I’m giving away a copy of Amy Zhang’s Falling into Place!

You read that right. I’m giving away a copy of Amy Zhang’s debut YA contemporary novel Falling into Place. You can learn about the book and giveaway here and enter to win here. (It’ll run until October 17th, so you’ve got about a week left to try to get your hands on this amazing book!)

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a lullaby-ish-thing I wrote last week. I felt like playing guitar, but I was really tired and the sun was all warm, so I basically ended up putting myself to sleep.
Turn the lights down low
Lay your head down now
It’s okay to sleep
When the rain is coming down

Tell me all your dreams
They’ll be less scary
Once you set them free
Feel free to talk to me

This is all a fever dream
It’s so much less than it seems
You’re falling, but it’s only to sleep
Tell me, are you counting sheep today

This is all going to disappear
When you wake up from here
Close your eyes and you will see the sunrise,
what’s left of me
I’m just a whisper in your ear
You’ll wake up far away from here

You will dream of the sea
On a warm summer day
With the water so blue
Flowers blooming like in May

And you will dance in the sand
Holding my hand
Don’t you look at me
Or I’ll be sea glass beneath your feet

This is all a fever dream
Faster than it seems
You’re flying, but it’s only towards
A door opening to a better day

[Repeat CHORUS]

I know today is hard
Like burning out the stars
But there’s always more,
I promise

You will find your way
Just not today
So close your eyes and sleep
These dreams are yours to keep

[Repeat CHORUS]


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you’ve been up to, in the comments!



Wordy Wednesday: Madre mi Madre

Exactly one month from today, the 2014 Chapter One Young Writers Conference will take place! I know I’ve been flooding you with Ch1Con stuff lately, so I’m not going to ramble too much about it now. But know that I am very excited, and if you’re a young writer looking for something to do Saturday, June 14th and/or Sunday, June 15th, you should register for the conference here.

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. I got my (wonderfully impacted) bottom wisdom teeth out Friday morning, so I spent the entire weekend hopped up on Vicodin and unable to eat solid foods. Proof that my mother is amazing: She spent the entire weekend changing my ice packs and making me mushy food and getting up in the middle of the night to make sure I took my medicine.

This is just one of the zillions of great things my mom has done for me. I have no idea what I’d do without her.

So, as a thank you to my amazing madre, this week’s Wordy Wednesday is a song I wrote about her. (I was planning to put a video up on Youtube, but my mouth is still too swollen to sing. Sorry!)


VERSE1 [C, G, Am, F]
So this is a kind of funny story
And it might get a little folklore-y
But we’re talking guts and glory here

This is the story of a superhero
And everyone should know her name

There’s no need to explain
But I will anyway

And I am just so thankful
To have you in my life
Don’t know what I would do
Without you

And I am oh so grateful
To have you here today
Don’t you know you are the very best
Madre mi Madre

You helped me with my homework,
Proofread every story and give me tough love
All the many times I need it

You have such a giving heart,
It really sets you apart
And almost all my memories have you,
Because of the great things you do

You deserve to be remembered,
Every single day of the year

[Repeat CHORUS]

BRIDGE [Am, F, C, G]
And I could spend a million years
Talking about how great you are
You do everything,
Even bought your not-musically-inclined daughter a guitar

[Repeat CHORUS]


91Also, protip: Don’t wear a shirt with a tight collar when you have oral surgery. You will not be able to take it off while you’re all swollen and sensitive, therefore leaving you with no choice but to wear the disgusting thing for a week straight. (Ugh.)




Wordy Wednesday (“Peter Pan”)

You know, I always have so much I want to tell you, and then the instant I open a new blog post I forget and my brain just goes like, “Blahhh… words… wasn’t there something I was supposed to remember to say… blahhhhh blah blah blah blah… on well… blah… give me a caramel apple… whooo.”

Yeah, I’m blanking pretty hardcore at the moment.

But what I do remember: It’s Wednesday, so this is a Wordy Wednesday post. And this week’s Wordy Wednesday is a song I wrote around the time I graduated high school. I got really nostalgic and sappy my final semester, and this song basically describes what I felt like when I met some of the theatre kids from the class that would be freshmen the year after I graduated (aka: REALLY sappy). Looking at them was like looking at myself four years earlier, and it was the weirdest, most Twilight Zone-ish feeling I’ve ever experienced.


[C, G, Em, D]


Hey there, little girl, with the braces on your smile

You’re so lucky, don’t you know, you get to be here for a while

I remember you calling my name, like I was a celebrity

Well, being a senior, graduating, isn’t all it cracked up to be

I’ve seen that look on your face before

Like you are waiting for someone to open the door

And you’re scared of being lost, and you’re scared of being alone

But you’re happy now, ’cause you’re finding a new home


Right now you’re at the beginning,

but the pages turn pretty fast

and someday you’ll have to let go

because today’ll be in the past

And I know it sucks, and I know it’s mean

And I know you feel stuck in between

But just remember as much of everything

as you can. Then fall in love with Peter Pan.


Hey there, little girl, just happy to fit in

Don’t forget who you want to be, for the sake of pleasing him

And just ’cause it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s always right

Don’t worry, not for now, it’s not goodbye at closing night

I’ve seen that look in your eyes before

I’ve said the words that you can’t ignore

And I’d give anything, to be in your shoes

You don’t know what you have, until it’s something you will lose

[Repeat CHORUS]


Those four years are going go by faster than you think

One second you’re making friends, then it’s all gone in a blink

And you’ll cling to the memories, the bad ones and the good

Thinking of all the things you’d relive, wouldn’t change them if I could

[Repeat CHORUS]






Oh, PS. I just remembered one of the things I was supposed to say: THIS IS A BOOK has a new home–it’s very own website! And Mel and I are holding a contest to draw our logo (a squish)! Make sure to check it out and enter your drawing: http://thisisabookthebook.wordpress.com/

Wordy Wednesday (“History of Me”)

This week feels SO relaxing after having WriteOnCon last week. The good thing about the entire writing conference being online, though, is that all the blog posts, videos, and Q&As are still available for free. You can check them out on the WriteOnCon website here, or read Super Critique Partner Kira’s recap of the whole thing on her blog, here.

This was my third year attending WriteOnCon, and it just gets better every time. I highly recommend it.

Also, a super generous and talented attendee, L.L. Tisdel, drew a picture of Olivia (the protag of CADENCE) for me. HOW AWESOME IS THIS?

Olivia by Laurie TisdelYou should go check out her work:





This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a song called “History of Me.”


VERSE1 [C, G, Em, G] [capo 2]

I don’t know what to say, what to do

All I know is I’m staring in the mirror at you

And I’m falling apart

Some of these tears are from happiness rising

Others are from my hopes dying

And my eyeliner’s smearing now

That one song’s playing from the radio

Telling me it’s time to go, go, go

But go where? To be who?


And I want to be the girl who’s got it all figured out

But instead I can’t even tell if things are going right

CHORUS [G, Em, C, D]

’Cause everything’s falling in place but I’m falling to pieces

Tell me your name and if I can keep this

Just need to know if I should carry on

Life is crazy but I will make it

At least that’s what I say when I’m breaking

Wish I saw the future but maybe not

[C, Em, Am, D… G]

Don’t tell me where I’m going

’Cause I’m better off not knowing

And I’d rather let my dreams rock me to sleep

Dreaming this will someday be

A memory in the history of me

VERSE2 [C, G, Em, G]

I am walking down a street

the sickness is catching up with me

And that sickness is called apathy

For everything in my life

It’s so easy to lose sight of the sun

When you’re so sure someday you’ll have won

The war against the moon


And I want to be the girl who knows what the future holds

But I don’t know a thing and this night is getting cold

[Repeat CHORUS]

[BRIDGE: C, Em, Am, D]

[Repeat CHORUS]


 53You should know that I just spent the better part of an hour trying to get this picture. It was this week last year that I started doing the “Thanks for reading!” webcam shots and I decided to try to copy the original… Forty five minutes later, I ended up with this. Not quite the same, but you’re welcome anyway. 😉


Wordy Wednesday (“Trying to Breathe”)

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a song called “Trying to Breathe.” My allergies, as usual, are going a little nuts right now, so my throat’s pretty gnarly. But if I can get a decent recording of it sometime today, I’ll update the post with that. I had a lot of fun writing this one. 🙂

Reminder, after reading this post, to go vote in the character creation polling for This Is a Book, if you haven’t already.

And also: watch out for the new option you can vote for in the Wordy Wednesday poll. If that one wins, I’ll do a post on something involving the publishing industry/the writing process/etc. Because how much fun would that be, right? (I guess we’ll find out if it wins.)


[Intro: Bm, G, Bm, A]

VERSE1 [Bm, G, Bm, A]

The door’s there before me

I can see it with my eyes shut

Against the sunshine that’s always streaming down

But the steps are so hard to take

To make it I will have to break

Every bone inside my heart


And it’s not fair

When you don’t know where you’re going

And the map keeps spinning you around and ’round

And I am just

CHORUS [Bm, G, Bm, A]

Trying to breathe

Finding the strength inside of me

To push on ahead

Trying to breathe

Finding the piece of me

That tells me who I am

[Em, G, D, A]

Trying to breathe, breathe, breathe

Trying to breathe

Trying to breathe, breathe, breathe

Trying to breathe

VERSE2 [Bm, G, Bm, A]

The truth is none of us know what we’re doing

Ain’t that grand

And the truth is sometimes things,

They get out of hand

I don’t know what I’m doing now, but

It looks like I did in the past

So I try to be that person

Only the mirage cannot last


And I’m so tired of feeling lost

When people say I’m found

And I am so tired of

Feeling like I’m flying straight into the ground

And I am just

[Repeat CHORUS]

BRIDGE [Em, G, D, A]

And you don’t know how you’re breaking down

’Cause you always cut yourself so low

And you can’t tell true from false anymore,

at the end of the show

Either go up in flames or in the rains you drown

Either give up your name, or become a part of the crowd

Or you can reach above and do what’s never done before

You can write a new song instead of settling the score

[Repeat CHORUS]

ENDING [Em, G, D, A]

Trying to breathe, breathe, breathe

Trying to breathe




Wordy Wednesday (Song Lyrics, “Detour”)


(I would write that in white too, to go along with the red and blue, but then… you know… you wouldn’t be able to read it.)

Today’s Wordy Wednesday is a song I wrote recently, and I think it has a really cool beat (I wrote it using my guiro instead of a guitar, and I feel like a total and complete hipster for it, but whatever — grabbing the guiro required less movement than grabbing the guitar, and if I am anything, I am lazy). Have you ever written a song for an instrument that doesn’t play different notes, or am I alone in my weirdness?



Don’t tell me a story

Cuz I’m not home

Don’t tell me a secret

Cuz you cannot trust my lips…

To stay zipped


Cuz I’m standing at attention

But it’s so hard

Cuz I’m standing at attention

And I don’t know who to serve

And I don’t know how


Cuz I don’t know

Who I am anymore

I am a shadow getting lost

In the detour

And I don’t know

Who to be anymore

Cuz I am a whisper

Getting lost in the detour

Detour, detour

Getting lost in the detour, detour


Walk through the door,

There’s no one home

Guess I am a creature

Meant to – roam


Cuz I’m standing at attention

But there’s no one here

Cuz I’m standing at attention

And I am the only one

To hear my surprise, cuz

[Repeat CHORUS]


You don’t know who you’re

Challenging, I am a whisper

On the wind

You don’t know who you’re

Trying, cuz I am a shadow

In the light

[Repeat CHORUS]


What are you doing to celebrate the Fourth of July? 🙂 Let me know in the comments!


Wordy Wednesday (“Catch Me If You Can”)

It’s Leap Day!! Anyone doing anything special for it? (I’m going to try to finish writing my current WIP today. It’s too cool of a date to resist.)

Today’s Wordy Wednesday is some song lyrics I wrote a while back called “Catch Me If You Can” — you should know: I write a lot of stuff called “Catch Me If You Can.” It’s one of my favorite phrases and I’m constantly trying to do new stuff with it (also, I really enjoy Catch Me If You Can the musical).

This song is about someone who I lost recently.



VERSE1 [Capo 3 – G, D, Am, C]

Someone turn off my mind

I can’t take this any more

The clock is ticking out my time

Until there’s no more


Someone tell me things change

Tell me they stay the same

Because I need some rest

In this unrest



Because I’m tired of living

And I’m tired of breathing

And I’m tired of running

And I’m tired of grieving


Why can’t the sun shine

Without the clouds?

Why can’t I rhyme

Without it so loud?



Because the ru-u-un

Is getting too hard for me

And I nee-ee-eed a vacation

Away from all this grief


And I’m running so hard,

And I’m running so far

And I’m running away

From who you are


How can things be?

This way, why can’t you

Catch me?


This wasn’t part of the plan,

But catch me if you can



Pull on my shoes,

Those old Converse

I got them freshman year

And now I’m running in reverse


Look over those picture frames

All those people,

Can you tell me their names?



And now I’m breathing so hard

That I’m seeing stars

And I can’t see too far

Because the future is barred


Where will I be this time next year?

Have you heard?


[Repeat CHORUS]


BRIDGE [Capo 3 – Am, C, G, D]

La, la, la, la, la

La, la, la, la, la, la


And I can’t look at

That card you gave me

Because it brings back

Too many memories


And it’s not the gone

That bothers me

It’s the never coming back


[Repeat CHORUS]