NaNo Day 23: Friendsgiving, Etc.

Today I was an extra in a friend’s student film, wrote 1.2K in NaNo, started work on another writing project, then helped host a Friendsgiving in my apartment. (So much delicious Thanksgiving food and amazing people and we sang along to Frozen.) Then my parents picked me up to take me home-home because I’M GETTING MY STITCHES OUT TOMORROW, and I got to talk with them for a while and cuddle my puppy. Also there was a nap at some point in there.

So, today was all over the place in the best way possible. And now I am very, very sleepy despite my nap, so I’m going to call it a night. (Sorry about that. I was going to do a bookshelf tour today, but, ya know, not exactly near my bookshelves to take pictures now.)

Hope you had a great Sunday. 🙂 Thanksgiving’s so close! (I can never get enough pumpkin pie.)

Goal for today: 2,000.

Overall goal: 45,000.

Current word count: 47,537.