Wordy Wednesday (“Trying to Breathe”)

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a song called “Trying to Breathe.” My allergies, as usual, are going a little nuts right now, so my throat’s pretty gnarly. But if I can get a decent recording of it sometime today, I’ll update the post with that. I had a lot of fun writing this one. 🙂

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And also: watch out for the new option you can vote for in the Wordy Wednesday poll. If that one wins, I’ll do a post on something involving the publishing industry/the writing process/etc. Because how much fun would that be, right? (I guess we’ll find out if it wins.)


[Intro: Bm, G, Bm, A]

VERSE1 [Bm, G, Bm, A]

The door’s there before me

I can see it with my eyes shut

Against the sunshine that’s always streaming down

But the steps are so hard to take

To make it I will have to break

Every bone inside my heart


And it’s not fair

When you don’t know where you’re going

And the map keeps spinning you around and ’round

And I am just

CHORUS [Bm, G, Bm, A]

Trying to breathe

Finding the strength inside of me

To push on ahead

Trying to breathe

Finding the piece of me

That tells me who I am

[Em, G, D, A]

Trying to breathe, breathe, breathe

Trying to breathe

Trying to breathe, breathe, breathe

Trying to breathe

VERSE2 [Bm, G, Bm, A]

The truth is none of us know what we’re doing

Ain’t that grand

And the truth is sometimes things,

They get out of hand

I don’t know what I’m doing now, but

It looks like I did in the past

So I try to be that person

Only the mirage cannot last


And I’m so tired of feeling lost

When people say I’m found

And I am so tired of

Feeling like I’m flying straight into the ground

And I am just

[Repeat CHORUS]

BRIDGE [Em, G, D, A]

And you don’t know how you’re breaking down

’Cause you always cut yourself so low

And you can’t tell true from false anymore,

at the end of the show

Either go up in flames or in the rains you drown

Either give up your name, or become a part of the crowd

Or you can reach above and do what’s never done before

You can write a new song instead of settling the score

[Repeat CHORUS]

ENDING [Em, G, D, A]

Trying to breathe, breathe, breathe

Trying to breathe