NaNo Day 23: It’s the Final Countdown


I just spent twenty minutes thinking my Twitter had been suspended/deleted somehow, sent a couple emails back and forth with customer support, only for it to come back on its own, perfectly fine. No idea what’s going on, but glad to know it’s back (although now they might just suspend me for being annoying, because I was FREAKING. OUT, because I don’t break rules).

Anyway: I’m currently seven thousand words behind on NaNoWriMo, plus the Tuesday after Thanksgiving I have my final group presentation in Spanish, my genetics term paper, and the final genetics worksheet (aka “major, will-take-me-at-least-twelve-hours-to-complete project”) all due. So I’m kind of halfway to breaking my adrenal glands from overuse.

My plans for this weekend involve writing all day today (plus watching Doctor Whooooooo), working on the Spanish presentation and genetics worksheet tomorrow, and finishing up both of those Monday. Then I have class all day Tuesday, but I get to go home right after that for Thanksgiving. And I have SIX DAYS OFF to somehow magically finish both NaNoWriMo AND write my genetics term paper, then. (Hurray! Maybe I’ll actually get to sleep for a day after December 3rd!)

Upside: Yesterday was actually mildly productive. Despite spending a lot of time hanging out with friends, I did get about 600 words written, which sounds really depressing but is also the most writing I’ve done since the beginning of the week. Plus we watched Aladdin, and I mean: classic Disney is worth it. (Oh, and I got my social science midterm back. 91.67%, what up!)

I’m going to go get started on today’s writing. Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday, and you’re doing better at NaNo than I am!

day 23