Obsessively Watching “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and Other Such Things

Okay, Teen Girl Moment: I am absolutely in love with the new Spider-Man movie. And Andrew Garfield. And Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in the new Spider-Man movie.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to the Fandango page. Go buy your tickets.


In other news, my power was out from the fifth through the seventh — we just got it back yesterday evening — so I’m currently in love with all things air conditioning and washing machines and electric lights, and let me just say: While it was nice getting a break from the pressures of the internet for a couple of days, it was not nice taking a break from doing makeup in well-lit areas. I just spent the past three days looking like a clown, and it was awful. Flashlights just DO NOT cut it.

On the upside, I had a lot of free time during the power outage (due to the lack of internet), so I spent a lot of time reading in the basement — I got through Incarercon by Catherine Fisher, which is good but not quite my cup of tea, and Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz, which is the last book in his YA spy series Alex Rider. And it was definitely enjoyable (although *spoilers* I totally didn’t believe it when Horowitz killed off Jack, because I figured it was going to end up being some elaborate trick, due to the fact that nobody important has ever died in that series before, but then it wasn’t, and I was just like, “NO. WAY. I CAN’T BELIEVE HE DID THAT!” *end spoilers*).

Aaand yeah. I also recently saw the movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, which was wonderful and beautiful and really well done, to the point that I was thoroughly disturbed by it and have been recommending to everybody I talk to that they shouldn’t go to see it, because I’m still sort of freaked out by it. It was just so realistic for an apocalypse movie! Usually they’re awful, but this one was good, AND THEN EVERYBODY DIED!!! (Oh, come on. That is not a spoiler.) I’ve been spending all my time since seeing that wondering how I would react if I heard the world was going to end, and it’s just scary to think about that kind of stuff.

But anyway, I’m glad the power’s back on again, and tired from all the reading and movie watching (believe it or not, that actually can get pretty exhausting), and I think I’m ready to jump back into things this week, with four days of play rehearsals and lots of prepping for the event I’m hosting at the end of the month. (Go WIC’ers!)

Has anybody seen any good movies or read any good books lately that they’d like to recommend? It’s the middle of the summer now, which means that, as usual, I’m running out of reading/viewing material.


Movie Reaction: People Like Us

So I wasn’t sure what I was going to do my blog post about this weekend. Drama camp ending? Grad party season ending? Theatre rehearsals not ending (and kicking my butt)?

What about the fact that I should never wear a smokey eye?

(I look like a racoooooooon!)

What about the fact that I never told you guys how I forced my parents into buying me a nasty gas station doughnut at 11:30 at night on National Doughnut Day a while back?

(Note to self: Never buy a gas station doughnut. Ever again.)

What about the fact that — Okay, I’m running out of goofy pictures I haven’t already shown you. (Oh, and heads up: I completely failed Camp NaNoWriMo, clocking in at only 22,766 words… all of which I wrote during the first week. Hurray?)

… So, all weekend I’ve been wondering and worried and unsure about what I should do this blog post about. There were a lot of different topics, but none of them really seemed post-worthy. (I mean, come on: How long can you discuss the weird looks you get from going out to California Pizza Kitchen in the middle of the afternoon with a deep purple smokey eye and vampiricly white skin?)

But, then, I went to see a movie last night with a couple of my friends. And it was called People Like Us. And it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I actually found myself looking for things to critique about it, because usually there’s some really obvious flaw in ever movie that annoys me to no end throughout the entire thing, because I’m a total movie (and book) snob… and I couldn’t find anything on first glance (although, looking back, there are definitely some contrived plot points that take it a notch below perfect).

Watch the trailer:

This movie combines everything I love about big budget films with all the lovely elements of independent films: There are long conversations that teach you about humanity, and artsy camera angles, and great acting — but there are also amazing shooting locations, the image quality is gorgeous (so that was definitely not a cheap camera they were using)…  Overall, it was just a whole lot of awesome, all rolled into one.

I loved the score, and I loved the script. The movie made me laugh, and it made me cry, and it made me contemplate what it truly means to be family… And, in the end, People Like Us felt just like what its title promises: like it was about People Like Us. Real people. Not just a bunch of fabricated characters on the screen, actors reciting lines. (Speaking of the actors — it starred Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks, who you can also see as Captain Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek movie and Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games, respectively, if you’re wondering who those two are. Which you shouldn’t be. Because they are both BRILLIANT actors.)

This film is gorgeous in every way, and I definitely suggest going to see it. It’s the sort of movie that you can chew on and talk about for hours afterward, and I haven’t been so pleased with a non-action-packed movie as I am with this one in years. (Like, probably not since Marley and Me — and you know I enjoyed it if I’m comparing it to Marley and Me.)

I’d give People Like Us 9 out of 10 stars.

(Now off to see The Amazing Spider-Man at midnight this Monday!)