Wordy Wednesday (“The Meadow”)

Gosh, things are absolutely insane right now, trying to pull everything together for Cadence–I think I finally finalized my query letter yesterday afternoon, so now it’s on to transforming that into a pitch for the Writer’s Digest Conference. Which is in less than three weeks. (My heart starts pounding just at the thought of it.) Then I also finished the rough rough draft of my plot synopsis last night, and I probably only need to do another couple rounds of revisions before the novel itself will be ready, and goodness. In previous years I’ve waited until the very last second to get all my preparations done for WDC, but I’m trying to front-load everything this year because of college. Throw Spanish homework and trying to keep up with personal hygiene on top of all that, and you get a very stressed out Julia. An excited one. But also very, veryyy stressed.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a short story I wrote a few years back called “The Meadow.” Warning: it’s not exactly a happy tale. (Although honestly, what are you expecting from me at this point? 😉 )


[Taken down to submit to contests/for publication/etc. Sorry!]